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  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Ha, someone noticed!

    Previously the throttle blip could cause for unintended acceleration on downshifts - mostly noticeable while braking or going very slow. It was changed to only give as much throttle to not cause any acceleration, but the time it applies throttle is very short because of that.

    I'll change the clutch usage profile so it's fully clutched in for longer during shifts, which should allow the throttle to rise more/longer without affecting acceleration/deceleration.

    10 timmar sedan
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Are you completely blind or just partially blind?

    22 timmar sedan
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Still works fine.

    1 dag sedan
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    If the game can't spawn the vehicle, the script just tells that. It's a you-problem.

    2 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Playing with keyboard/controller? Set "Steering mode" to "Default" in Controls -> Steering assist.

    While doing a burnout (holding throttle and brake) the game applies a fake force so the car is able to spin around in place. The "Enhanced" mode disables this (and movement while in air).

    InversePower doesn't have anything to do with it, it just changes torque on-the-fly (when already sliding).

    2 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21
    Kommentaren har stiftas


    * Add a table representation for strModelFlags, strHandlingFlags and strAdvancedFlags
    * Add descriptions for individual flags
    * Load updated descriptions from GitHub.
    * Load and save CCarHandlingData (if present, only CCarHandlingData is supported at this time)
    * Load and save CCarHandlingData->AdvancedData (if number of AdvancedData items are equal)
    * Suggest handling name if AddonSpawner is installed (if handling name of current vehicle is the same as a model name)
    * Fix vehicle sometimes getting different colors when respawned
    * Fix fInitialDriveGears sometimes getting an invalid value

    The script fetches handling flag descriptions from and updates the local flags.json file if changes are found.

    3 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    That's handled by the game, this script doesn't change that. The game tends to pop the exhaust when letting off throttle during high revs.

    4 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    Yes, it has always supported controllers (since the first release). The third bullet point in the description also emphasizes this:
    > Enhanced support for keyboard/mouse and controllers

    That's very odd, mind posting a video and some log files?

    Before that, I used the vehicle speed to handle the rev limiter (which cuts throttle). Since 5.1 that has changed to using the wheel speed data, which is more realistic.

    4 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    I really don't see any issues. Maybe you mean the rev limiter?

    The speed limiter is more intended to mimic whatever car companies do and not a driver assist.

    4 dagar sen
  • C7f875 08x7exh0g1a21

    You can disable the enhanced steering option, and use the original game implementation.

    4 dagar sen