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- Description -
Interested in having an alternative for loading XML maps that were created for Map Editor or Menyoo, without risking crashing your game or tanking your framerate or having stability issues from having too many maps (especially large maps) loaded at once?

Introducing MLAM (Map Loader and Manager), the mod/script that revolutionizes the way that XML maps created for Map Editor and Menyoo are loaded and managed in Grand Theft Auto V! With MLAM, you can now enjoy the seamless integrations of all of your XML maps simultaneously, without much worry regarding crashing your game or tanking your framerate or encountering stability issues due to the overload of maps.

Gone are the days of having to manually load and unload (aka manage) individual maps; MLAM takes care of everything for you, automatically and efficiently. Simply install the mod, and it will work its magic in the background, ensuring that all of your XML maps are loaded (and managed), without requiring any inputs nor interactions from you.

MLAM's innovative approach ensures that even multiple large maps of different varieties that are in close proximity of one another are handled well using it's smart management system which does it's best not to overload nor crash the game (depending upon your particular configuration that is). While I can't promise too much for lower-end PCs, there are several tunable configuration options, allowing you to tune MLAM for your particular requirements and preferences.

- Installation (This script requires ScriptHookV and JM36 Lua Plugin Reloaded) -
1: Ensure you have JM36 Lua Plugin Reloaded (GitHub | 5Mods)
2: Place the "JM36_MLAM_SP.lua" file and the "JM36_MLAM" folder into your JM36 Lua Plugin "ScriptsDir-Lua/Modules" directory.
3: Place your XML map files from Map Editor and Menyoo into the "JM36_MLAM" directory.

- Upcoming Features Planned (Not Currently Available) -
1: Support teleports and markers (coming v0.5 or v0.6)
2: Support other entity types (NPCs/Peds and Vehicles) (coming eventually)

- Changelog -
- v0.4r3 - Fixed an issue with a configuration parameter.
- v0.4r2 - No changes to the script/code were made in this version; improved default configuration to prevent game overloads when handling multiple maps in close proximity simultaneously with a default GameConfig.
- v0.4 - Same changelog as v0.3 but added more configuration options; improved default configuration for managing many maps at once; properly and fully support Menyoo Spooner attachments this time.
- v0.3 - Support Menyoo Spooner attachments (untested/failed); added the ability to tweak certain configuration parameters (via a configuration file) to suit different preferences and systems; introduced new and refined internal management structures, along with bugfixes for automatic repairs; implemented additional validations, checks, failsafes, and safeguards to reduce the likelihood of issues.
- v0.2 - Added functionality to handle map/object visibility and transparency, which was missing in v0.1.

- Bugs -
- v0.4r2 - No known bugs; the configuration defaults have been updated to address all previous concerns, providing a stable and reliable experience out of the box.
- v0.4 - The default configuration was significantly improved for better handling multiple maps, but there is still a possibility of potentially overloading and crashing the game using this default configuration with a default GameConfig; the likelihood of encountering this using the default configuration depends upon various factors like the specific maps loaded and your GameConfig, especially when using a high number of diverse maps in close proximity. However, the default configuration also already tells you what to change (as well as what to change it to) for this scenario.
- All versions BEFORE v0.4 - An oversight in previous versions may lead to potentially overloading and crashing the game when using a large number of diverse maps in a small area; while using a good number of maps is still possible, it is recommended to use maps that are either "similar" enough (sharing the same props) or are spread out enough to ensure stability.
- v0.3 - Menyoo maps using attachments caused MLAM to stop working and bail whenever loaded due to new but untested logic; reverted back to v0.2 where MLAM worked fine with these maps.
- v0.2 - Some older Menyoo maps caused MLAM to stop working and bail whenever loaded, due to "missing" properties/data (which presumably did not exist yet in the versions from the time that they were created).

- FAQ -
1: Vehicles/Peds don't spawn - this is intentional; they are not supported at this time, as they have very little overall to do with "maps", and might never be supported.
2: A map still loads after removing it from MLAM's directory, or MLAM continues to load an older version of a map file - delete the corresponding MLAM bin file from the directory.
3: No, you cannot use this for FiveM; it will not work, it is not supported, it is not designed for it. Yes, I do have a version/variant that does work for FiveM, it is a cheap paid resource -
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