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  • 753adc youtube

    @meimeiriver great mod, one final recommendation, closet(option to change clothes)

    21 timmar sedan
  • 753adc youtube

    @danistheman262 can you add full controller support, like with the house alarm plz

    5 dagar sen
  • 753adc youtube

    @Hunk If you ever work on this again
    It does not save tuning parts for addon cars
    liveries and extras change every time
    Does not save trucks that work with flatbed towtruck script
    mod fails when trying to save some cars

    8 dagar sen
  • 753adc youtube

    @rebman This will happen if you save the game close to that car, the game has a feature built In that saves the last car you drive when you save a session close to it, naturally the game loads the car and so does the script, hence your duplication.

    8 dagar sen
  • 753adc youtube

    @captain427 I've had similar experiences with other mods, I think it has to do with the camera, but my gut feeling is telling me the lighting is affecting it

    16 maj 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    @BigShaqNOKetchup great mod overall, by the way I forgot to tag your name so please read my first comment

    14 maj 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    i noticed sometimes the garage interior disappears, maybe its caused by the darker lighting, could you make garage lighting normal please or just look into it overall, I drove the Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica in there and when I exited the car, the car sometimes disappears leaving a shadow, or the interior of the garage, depending on what angle I stare from, I really suspect the lighting to be the culprit

    14 maj 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    I haven't tested your latest update yet, but just some final touches to make it perfect (if you haven't already).
    Also don't go too overboard on features, its simple, and simple mods are perfect, when it gets too complicated, it often breaks

    *My recommendations*
    1. The option to disable the timer hud (the one that counts down for jail time and arrest time) also give it a better font and screen position for a cleaner look

    2. The notice that appears on the top left of the screen with instructions for surrendering needs to be disabled after a time, its stays on right through the cop chase and it gets very distracting.

    3. A skip option for the jail cell, so we can either press a button or use the .ini file to just skip the cell anytime we want and spawn outside of a station

    4. This may be a bit of a stretch but, allow free movement in the jail cell and put a closed gate at the cell so it actually feels like he's arrested until we chose the escape option.

    Your mod is great and if you already fixed these I'm sorry for the unnecessary comment, but if you polish these, perfect mod.

    30 april 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    @SkyJumpZ i know the cash register was you major work and it is genius, I love it, just wish it could support controller, thanks though

    26 april 2023
  • 753adc youtube

    @SkyJumpZ Great work, I haven't fully tested the mod but I know you're still working on it
    I have two requests/suggestions

    1. Fix the animation when entering the job agency (when I enter the building player walks through the door then spawns back outside the building, then back into the office which breaks immersion, I recommend a fade transition as he opens the door

    2. The cash register controller support
    This is crucial to me as I wish to eliminate using my mouse and keyboard whilst using mods, I recommend:
    *Giving an option in the ini file to just press the "action" button (DPADRIGHT) to skip the register process for just a quick and simple action.
    *Enable the Right analog stick to function like a cursor along with the "A" button to select items (I'm assuming this is very difficult)
    *Give the option to disable the register altogether

    Please look into this, awesome work and I also transported your Ltd vehicle designs for realistic cars seeing as i replaced all my traffic so lemme know if I should upload it (my texture imports are not the best quality though)

    25 april 2023