Inverse Torque 2.0


2.0 - Switches to a wider range, peaking at 90º. This allows the torque to ramp up slower but over to a higher point, letting you control it better.

The multiplier now scales with vehicle grip, normalizing it for every car and handling, vanilla, modded or realistic.

I still reccomend x2 for a credible behavior where low power cars will struggle, x3 or x4 if you want to be able to slide with any car.

Updating from 0.1: Delete InverseTorqueSP.dll from the /Scripts folder. 0.2 includes its own folder to keep it well sorted.

0.1 - Initial release.
1.0 - New scaling system and added a Options.ini config file.
1.1 - Tweaked the ratio at which the multiplier gets to maximum. It is now half of TractionCurveLateral, as I felt it worked better. Set the default scale to 2.0.
1.1b - Fixed script crash (bad vehicle check)
2.0 - Multiplier scales with grip, and peaks at a static 90º now.

My own attempt at fixing the power cut vehicles have when sliding.
Check out the original InversePower! Inverse Torque is not compatible with Inverse Power, however.

This approach is very simple, and only affects a single vehicle feature - torque. It should make it play nice with any handling or script.

- Cheats - (º or ´keys on the keyboard)
itscale: Set the multiplier per gear. Ideally 1 would be adequate, but you can try 1,25 for a more obvious change. Or 2, or more, but it goes wild easily.
itdebug: shows the angle and multiplier on screen. Toggleable.

- How it works -
InverseTorque scales the torque output using the car's slide angle as reference. You define the scale in Options.ini.

At 90º, full sideways, the torque multiplier maxes out, so you don't get infinite power.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet Latest

- How to install -
Extract the InverseTorque folder into /Grand Theft Auto V/Scripts/ (If /Scripts does not exist, create it).
Then open Options.ini and edit it to your liking.
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