Simcade Handling REVO (Supports: Los Santos Tuners DLC) [.OIV] 6.1


*** Introduction and Highlights:

This mod provides a handling akin to Race Driver Grid or other type of semi-sim arcade racers such as Forza Horizon 3 that recently came out.
The general focus for the physics of this mod currently is 70% realism and 30% arcade. All vehicles have been modified (including bikes, trucks, planes, helis, and boats). Aircrafts and boats are still somewhat experimental as I'm still not sure what each value does yet. Bicycles have been touched slightly, but also still experimental...

Some quick highlight of this mod:
- Drag/gear limited realistic top speed for all vehicles, with realistic gear ratios.
- Semi-realistic ABS model for cars and bikes, with older vehicles having no ABS.
- Semi-realistic and accurate acceleration times and top speeds (usually within 5-10% difference compared to their real counterpart) (see "vehicle stats.xlsx" for all references and recorded data) for all vehicles except bicycles, aircrafts and seacrafts (though still modified).
- Semi-realistic grip and braking, with implemented downforce on all cars and trucks.
- Vehicles feel fluid and enjoyable while still being challenging to drive quick (more so with the REVO version).
- Overhauled motorbike handling, with higher degree of lean, and some are now able to drift (dirt bikes) and do burnouts.
- Less artificial drag when free wheeling, by some vehicles still slow down significantly due to aero drag.
- Semi-realistic suspension for all vehicles (i.e. offroaders have soft suspension with lots of articulation, whereas track focused vehicles have much firmer suspension to cope with additional downforce, etc.)
- Entertaining levels of deformation (increased slightly with REVO update).
- Real top speeds for almost all planes with a believable acceleration rate (may not be entirely accurate).
- Overhauled surface materials grip levels to be semi-realistic, and removal of top speed limitation on certain surface materials (primary offroad surfaces).
- Realistic looking wheel alignment for all vehicles with 3-4 wheels, since most cars IRL have some sort of alignment, with trucks having close or at neutral alignment (primarily aesthetic, don't seem to really affect handling)
- Support for all vehicles up to latest official DLC (Cayo Perico Heist DLC)
- And many other features (See the below for more details) with some I may have left out.

***Update log:
V6.0 REVO: Essentially a evolution from the previous Simcade Handling 5.11 and one of my most ambitious overhauls as a solo mod developer, changing many parameters and taking lots of R&D time.
Changes made from previous version includes:
- Recalibrate and record all top speed and acceleration data using the new real gear ratios (now with 558 gear ratios files), with included references (see "Database" folder)
- Re-worked suspension for almost all vehicles, with a huge focus on offroaders and rallycars, as well as trackday vehicles.
- Added more suspension travel for certain vehicles (mostly supercars and low slung sportscars)
- Bikes overhauled yet again with real gear ratios.
- "Fixed" vehicle rollovers since the game doesn't handle rollover risks very well, probably due to the "after-touch" assist to control vehicles while in mid-air.
- Reverted experimental helicopter physics since it did not feel right.
- Fixed many bugs (like the Opressor not working, or certain vehicles crashing game if spawned)
- Merged the ultimate sound swap mod with new changes for newer and older vehicles (see Name of Vehicles Changed List.txt)
- Also for sound swap, dropped support for World of Variety vesion and just use vanilla files with edits, so it can be more compatible to more game versions.
- Changed grip biased to more front grip bias, so vehicles have a looser rear end. This was done because oversteer was difficult to induce with weight shift alone, but now it is entirely possible without the need i use the handbrake.
- Because of grip change, vehicles such as the banshee and other high powered RWD or RWD-biased AWD will have a higher tendency to snap oversteer, making driving high performance vehicles fast more difficult, which can be considered realistic, as some cars are just really hard to control IRL.

- Update to support Los Santos Tuners DLC.
- Tweaked several sound swaps for new DLC vehicles and older vehicles for better realism.
- Tweaked a value in the handling.meta in an attempt to fix the car sliding around when stopping from hard brakes (fTractionSpringDeltaMax value). This consequently may cause vehicles with really stiff suspension (racecars/supercars) to have a difficult time maintaining traction on very bumpy surfaces and dips.
- Updated database for gear ratios, acceleration and top speed recordings, and their reference vehicles.

***Warning: Before installing, backup your entire "mods" folder before installing as there is no way I can know if it is compatible with whatever mods you have installed, but I can sure try to troubleshoot if you are having trouble installing it.
This mod modifies several files within the update folders. Additionally, bacckup would not be feasible as even if I provide base files as backup, it will only be supplying the core files, not whatever file/setting/mod you had previously.***

*** Installation:

** If updating from previous version (6.0 only), simply use the .oiv package and replace the configs folder with the one included for the gear ratios mod.

- Core files: Use OpenIV to install via .oiv package, or install manually (file structure mirrors file structure within the update folder in your game)
- Settings for optional mods: See each individual Readme for further instruction.

***Be sure to install a robust gameconfig file that supports latest game version or game may crash!!!

*** Recommended mods (for best experience):

- All mods with settings featured in the "Optional mod settings" folder.
- Racetrack mods like the Nordschleife or Nurburgring GP
- A good traffic variety mod (like Sparky's Traffic Overhaul). If installing a mod that modifies vehicles.meta file, install their mod first then reinstall my mod to ensure the sound swaps works properly.
- Vehicle script mods, such as ikt's Tutbofix mod ( will enhance experience

** Credits:

- Killatomate for inspiration since the GTAIV days and for providing some useful critique

- ikt's plethora of driving related mods. These are pretty much essential for best experience.

- 3ric2hew for identifying the bike traction control off.

- Kryo4lex & TheSigui for the incredible Super Sonic mod, as I’ve used it to increase the top speeds of planes.

- prince_linus for providing some awesome screenshots and feedback.

- Content and map creators who has developed very high quality test tracks and tools to help with the development of this mod.

- All others who has provided feedback and input to my mod.
Feedback is always welcome, though may take some time for me to reply due to work.

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