Ultimate Vehicle Sound Swap [.OIV] (Discontinued - See pinned comment) 5.0


This mod simply swaps multiple vehicle sounds to sound much more visceral and realistic, but other than that I've got nothing else to really say...

Instructions are in the "Installation Instruction.txt" file and changes are in the "Update Log.txt" file including some info about the changes with the "Name of Vehicles Changed List.txt" file listing all changes made.

- OpenIV to edit the .rpf files

*** Recommended mods:

- This mod was developed in parallel with my handling mod, and as such, should be used together. Link to mod below:

- Credits to Cass for allowing me to make a compatible version to his mod. Link to mod below:

***Update Log:

V1.0 initial release

V1.1 - change some SUV sounds (For update from 1.0 to 1.1, only need to replace vehicle.meta from main directory

V1.2 - Changed Zentorno, Osiris, Elegy, Cheetah, Kuruma (If I remember correctly) sounds to be more appropriate.

V1.3 - Changed Alpha and SuperD sound.

V1.4 - Changed a few more sounds for like the EntityXF, the Bufffalo (2,3), the Surano, and other small tweaks to the original. Finally made the Sultan to have the boxer 4 sound from the new SultanRS. Changed the Kuruma back to regular because it's unfair that only the Sultan get's turbo flutter. Also added some beefier sounds (vanilla sounds way too muted for such badass looking vehicles) to the Nightshade, Stallion (1,2) and Tampa.

V2.0 - A lot have changed since the previous update, please check the file named "name of vehicles changed.txt" for all changed vehicles.

V3.0: A good amount of changes have been made from V2.0, so reinstalling is probably best, look at the readme for shortcut on installing.

V3.1: Change of Futo and Tailgater sounds, so to update from previous version, just replace main vehicle.meta from either version. Also included is a vanilla compatible version by request and OIV package installation for both versions.

V3.2: Change sound of bullet, osiris, t20 and tampa2, and also deleted the changes made to the italiGTB (1,2).

- Change ninef to rapidgt (Audi R8 V8).
- Change Bati and Diablous back to normal.
- Change infernus to have infernus2 sound.
- Added police, police4, sheriff, stanier, taxi2, washington, stretch to have V8 sounds
- Change lynx to have massacro2 sound.
- Change zentorno to have gp1 sound.
- Change tyrus to have stingergt sound and gp1 to have stinger sound (coarse BMW V12 sound from McLaren F1).

- Made quite a few changes in sounds due to new additions from The Gunrunning DLC and the Smuggler's Run DLC (check the "Names of Vehicles Changed List.txt" file to see all changes made)
Included changes from V3.3 are as follow:
- baller(1) to baller5
- baller(2) to xa21 (Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8)
- buffalo to virgo
- carbonizzare to visione (Ferrari V12)
- cheetah to visione (Ferrari V12)
- felon (1,2) to xa21 (Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8)
- futo to ruston
- gauntlet to virgo
- gresley to baller
- jackal to xa21 (Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8)
- rocoto to huntley
- sandking (1,2) to insurgent2
- schafter (2) to nightshark
- schwarzer to nightshark
- surano to gauntlet
- baller(3,4,5,6) to xa21 (Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8)
- turismor to visione (Ferrari V12)
- huntley to schafter5
- xls (1,2) to nightshark
- bestiagts to visione (Ferrari V12)
- prototipo to pfister811
- dubsta 3 to nightshark
- oquette3 to tampa2
- t20 to schwarzer
- lynx to xa21 (Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8)
- blista (2,3) to ruston
- tampa to virgo
- ruston to brioso
- infernus2 to monroe
- xa21 to khamelion (hommage to original Jaguar electric supercar)
- nightshark to dubsta3
- visione to schwarzer (Mclaren's ubiquitous twin turbo V8)
-*** All XA-21 sounds are for the Jaguar/Land Rover group's shared supercharged 5.0 V8 sound, since it sounds so much like the real thing, with pops and crackles,
-*** All visione sounds are for the Ferrari V12 sound, since it got that metallic rasp at high RPMs.
- Updated the OIV. package, hopefully there isn't any more glitches like the last file. Please report any bugs that you find, since some of them I may not be aware of due to the number of mods installed on my game...

- Requires latest DLC
- See "Name of Vehicles Changed List" for all changes
- Include an uninstaller
- Included only the modified metas taken from "World of Variety" by Cass.
- This simplifies the installation with less choices.
- Should still be compatible with the vanilla game.
- If there are glitches or enough demand to make a version specifically using the vanilla .metas, I can make one, but for now there is only one choice.

As always, feedback is always welcomed but try to be specific so I can try to replicate it on my system.

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