Police Golf Cart (Add-on) Part 1

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This is Part 1. Parts 2/3 will be added and updated into the file later.
Donations are very much appreciated. I will give anyone a shout out if they donated to me. :)

Installation within the file. Vehicle name: policecart

You may not use this vehicle in a mod pack, reupload it, mirror it, etc. Anything identical/similar to this mod will be reported. You may, however, create a texture for this vehicle.

Known bugs: game crashes (only happened to me)

What you need for this mod:
Notepad ++, OpenIV, and a trainer that allows you to type in the vehicle model name.

Questions, concerns, ideas, comments? Send them to me on Twitter @Cr3wBoss. Don't forget to follow, too, for the latest on new mods I am creating!

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