Army Only Mod v2.0 (BETA)

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This mod swaps out police for the Army. The army don't fool around like the police, they will come at you with all they've got.

Don't use this online unless you want to be eaten by banhammer dogs.

This mod is in BETA. Expect some issues (if not, many). If you do see one that hasn't been reported, then report it in the comments or tweet me @Cr3wBoss.

Known Issues
- Framerate drops for low end computers
- Blips don't show unless you hit the pursuing vehicles
- Nothing else, but more issues are expected. This mod is in beta, and it won't work as well as it should!


Wanted level 1: Crusader will spawn
Wanted level 2: Crusader/Barracks2 will spawn
Wanted level 3: Crusader/Barracks2 will spawn, and the Valkyrie will spawn as well.
Wanted level 4: Crusader/Barracks/Barracks2 will spawn, same with the Valkyrie and Savage.
Wanted level 5: Crusader/Barracks/Barracks2 will spawn, same with the Valkyrie and Savage.

Barracks will not spawn with drivers for some reason, expect this to be fixed shortly in the next update!

Note: You must have Open IV and an ASI loader installed! Edit mode must be switched [ON] when making changes too!

1) Click & drag dispatch.meta into your update.rpf/data folder
2) Replace the old dispatch.meta with the new one
3) Enjoy!

Questions, concerns, comments, ideas? Tweet me @Cr3wBoss! Don't forget to follow for updates on new upcoming mods, or when a new version of my mods is released!
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