Glock 17 Sound for the Combat Pistol


Well then, here we go on my first sound mod!

I'm working on the ugly sound you might hear when firing the weapon. I'll fix that when I can in a future update. I figure it's just a leftover sound from pedestrian weapon sounds or something like that.

Use this modification with the proper weapon modification by Proudnoob4, to make it more realistic:

Must have OpenIV and edit mode switched [ON].
Extract this file to any location (remember it!)

1) Travel to x64/audio/sfx/WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf/ptl_combat.awc
2) Select "New" and then "Import openFormats"
3) Find the mod and select the .oac file and press "OK"
4) Start up the game and enjoy!

Or you could just drag the .oac file into WEAPONS_PLAYER.rpf. Have it your way. :)

Questions, ideas, comments, concerns? Tweet me @Cr3wBoss. Don't forget to follow for the latest updates on my mods!
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