The Death Investigator Pack [Add-On] 1.3


For them it doesn't matter if you die in a massive mega mansion or in the middle of nowhere, death equalizes all and these brave gentlemen are here to scrape and transport your remains but also to check how natural selection took its course. OD on Deludamol or experience asphyxiation during self-pleasure like a total loser, and it's only one way from here - down to the coroner's office, get gutted like a catfish and depending on your luck: either get a proper burial or end up as someone's exquisite and lavish main dish. Lovely, isn't it?

Do not modify or re-upload this modification without authors' permissions. Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain. This modification is intended for singleplayer use but feel free to add these assets to FiveM and RageMP at your own risk as long as permissions are requested and full credits are given. Technical support for FiveM or RageMP, support for tampered files included in this modification by the end user or ELS and DLS compatible versions will not be provided by the authors.

This pack adds several coroner vehicles to the game mostly following the game's original design. The Los Santos County Coroner now utilizes two vans: Speedo and Rumpo with right side doors. The Blaine County Medical Examiner has also been given a shorter version of the Sadler. Each vehicle has been fitted with coroner-related equipment and lighting system.

Two death investigator pedestrian models are also added in the pack. The first pedestrian is an Los Santos-based coroner, while the second pedestrian is a Blaine County-based medical examiner.

It also includes scenarios which adds the vehicles and peds from this pack to the game without the need of any third-party trainer or script. The Los Santos County Coroner vehicles and peds can be seen arriving and leaving their office located next to the Central Los Santos Medical Center, while the Blaine County Examiner vehicle and the peds will spawn around the Sandy Shores Medical Center and Sheriff's Station and Paleto Bay Sheriff's Station.

There is an LSPDFR-compatible version of the Blaine County Medical Examiner Sadler for anyone who uses LSPDFR with the vehicles from this mod. The SirenSetting IDs used in the pack are 994 and 995. SirenSetting Limit Adjuster is required for these vehicles.

The design of the vehicles and uniforms are loosely inspired by Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner and Ventura County Medical Examiner's Office fleet and equipment.

- coroner - Speedo Coroner
- coroner2 - Rumpo Coroner
- bccoroner - Sadler Examiner

- S_M_M_Coroner_01 - Los Santos coroner
- S_M_M_BCCoroner_01 - Blaine County medical examiner

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Improved Speedo conversion, mapped Rumpo and other improvements
- AlexanderLB - Various textures
- Bondergomme - Rumpo with foldable side doors, flat panels for the Speedo and other modelling stuff
- 11john11 - Emergency lights and general fixes and improvements
- Weeby - Sadler SWB and emergency lights
- Voit Turyv - Emergency lights
- Monkeypolice188 - Original LCPD Speedo model and soundbanks
- Dani02 - Rumpo conversion and Speedo fixes
- Nachtfliege - Lightbar
- Johnny83 and Candice - Stretcher model
- ukeyS - Screenshots

- 1.0
Initial release.
- 1.1
Added LSPDFR-compatible version of the BCME Sadler for LSPDFR users.
Removed car generators due to conflicts and crashing issues that can't be addressed for now.
- 1.2
Re-added the car generators, though they are no longer optional and now part of the main file, altered the liveries of the BCME Sadler, and added scenario points for the vehicles and peds, they will spawn properly at their appropriate locations.
- 1.3
General fixes and improvements on the vehicles and peds, and car generators and scenarios have been remade from scratch.
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