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  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Nope, there are also the sirensettings for the existing vehicles (like Police, Lifeguard, Firetruck and so on)
    And since I want to use some of the cars as a replace I have to add the sirensettings to the archive.
    But everytime I add these and want to save, Open IV crashes.... I can convert the .ymt to a .meta and add these, thats no problem, but the tool to reconvert this does not work.
    But nevermind, thanks for your help!

    13 maj 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Hi, i cannot use this pack because I can´t edit my carcols.ymt (somehow openIV always crashes by trying to edit and the program on ths site does not work). Is it possible that you send or upload a vanilla carcols.ymt with only added the sirensettings used in this pack ? (I tried with lundys carcols and got some lightbars to work but he also edited the license plates which I don´t like)

    11 maj 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    just repeating, but a dirtmap would make it so perfect.
    I really like these moving axles, so realistic.
    Excellent work buddy. More like this ! We need more oldschool cars !

    26 mars 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Wow, that´s a lot of work. I only can adapt existing liveries in and change them to my personal liking to use them for my own but I think you meant goal1664 to do them, right ? :-)
    Well looking forward to the commercial version. (maybe also non-els police version or sth ?)

    26 februari 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    That Goldie Wilson Paintjob is awesome, LOL
    Is there a special program to make paintjobs look worn out ?

    26 februari 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Man, I really like your (oldschool) cars.
    Nearly have them all. Perfect quality !!!
    A long bed and maybe rusty livery ? .....
    Keep going !

    1 januari 2019
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Hi, I love this mod, but how can I change Flatbed carrying cars ?
    Looks a bit weird when LSPDFR-Towtruck comes to collect and puts the car on the back when it s already transporting one... :-)

    7 december 2018
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Hey man. I guess, this is just a extension of the existing vanilla carcols, right ? (You only added new lightsettings?)
    The vanilla settings are still in there ?

    4 december 2018
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    ok, figured out how it should work. But the Meta-Toolkit does not work...
    And OpenIV can´t save the file if I change it in OpenIV... Crap...

    1 december 2018
  • 6bf218 vw logo large

    Hi. Great pack ! I love some of the new cars. But here is my issue:
    I tried to use some of these as replace, worked so far. But I cannot get the lightbars working. If I use the carvariations parts they won´t work at all. With vanilla carvariations they work but it´s just a mess.
    Any idea to fix it. I just replaced the cars and used lines from the carvariations, nothing else.

    1 december 2018