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  • Gtao40
    Kommentaren har stiftas

    Author of Project Realism here, lately i've been trying to start modding GTA V again
    and i would like to present another enb/reshade mod I made during this quarantine

    If this gets enough attention. i might upload it. I still have a few minor bugs to it.
    I should be able to release it by mid to late june for bug fixing as well as tweaking
    let me know what you think of my work
    Keep safe everyone!

    16 maj 2020
  • Gtao40

    Hi guys, I am the content creator of Project Realism V
    As of now I can't make a new version of this or a new graphics mod because a year ago, my motherboard got fried and I was really having trouble convincing my parents to buy a new motherboard for me.
    Also I have been busy the past year since I was already moving up in college
    In a month or two I will be back and I promise to create new graphics mod for GTA V
    I'm using a crap pc now so my graphics card just won't do (Severe bottleneck) and I'm going to save up for a new motherboard and hopefully by the 2nd week of March, I can afford a new motherboard and get back to creating new mods.

    Donations are welcome in my Paypal account (if you want me to get back to the modding scene fast lol)
    Thanks have a great day
    and for those helping other people install this mod, thank you so much.

    4 mars 2017
  • Gtao40

    @DrDealgood well you were supposed to download those dll, from the enb site not here. I don't want to cause any copyright issues with the author of enb and reshade.
    @ubtri will put it up again. I just don't want to confuse the modders. They may ask why is there Mcg on te credits but it wasn't intended for that mod. Will all due respect i apologize for this.

    31 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @DrDealgood did you even bother to check what's inside both of the folders? After you extract the rar file there should be two folders for RHancer and for VisualV, there should be enb files and sweetfx files in both of those folders

    25 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @talkopel02 yes there is a possibility. I don't recommend online use with any mods even timecycs.

    22 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @_CP_ Looks awesome! I made a preset enb+sweetfx included in the new version of my mod!

    21 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    been waiting for this! Thanks! Will try it in a bit (Y)

    21 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @Doctorgta the reflections bug? remove any water mod you installed.
    @juiceproductions yea i think i have the old water mod i'm not sure but it bugs on puddles of rain. The reflections bounces
    @raiz3n It shouldn't lag at the start of the game or on the menu. But if that's the case go to enbseries.ini then change the useeffect=true to useffect=false

    18 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @satrnv oh so i guess it was the water mod lol thanks for the info

    16 juli 2015
  • Gtao40

    @satrnv thanks for the report i thought i was the only one having that because i installed a water mod
    i'll try and fix the problem.

    16 juli 2015