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    chevrolet corsa? In german those were manufactured by Opel and not Chevrolet

    27 november 2017
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    You deserve a medal for your extensive work on this. Nice job!

    24 november 2017
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    @Slash_Alex Negative, I tried it with just VisualV and it causes crashes. I can mod my game with other mods and it does not crash.

    17 juli 2017
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    This mod has been reported to cause crashes every now and then. I can confirm that my game almost never crashes when I do not have VisualV installed, even when running other mods.

    I would like to know if you have any information about why your mod may cause crashes and what one can do to prevent it from crashing.

    16 juli 2017
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    Maybe someone is willing to continue your work?

    5 juli 2017
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    Flat out 5/5 stars. It was an amazing expierencing being part of the ongoing development of this mod. Had a lot of fun Beta Testing with you guys! I can't wait for the extensions to be released <3

    22 december 2016
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    So I guess this mod is still compatible with the newest version of GTA?

    10 oktober 2016
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    Well instead of basically saying "No Donations equals me not feeling motivated to update soon" you could have said "I just do not feel like updating this at the moment, personal reasons". This would put you in a way better light. We are also just players that want to play around a bit in GTA. We do not depend on your modification. There quite some people that like your mod and would like to keep using it, me included, but bringing up this donation thing is not exactly potraying you in a good way, Rippler.

    As for my argument, just remember the paid mod thing on steam that skyrim had, that was a disaster.

    So yeah anyways, update it whenever you feel like it, I will make sure to use it when you do but until then I will just have to rely on modders that are quick about their updates. So long, cowboy.

    9 oktober 2016
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    Is the RDE compat a seperate file that makes both mods work together or is it one modified file that contains both spawn configs? I am running the RDE 3.0 Beta and I would like to know if I can use those two mods together.

    8 oktober 2016