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  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    Low effort and poor quality control basically sums up this model. Specifically,

    - the base Sprinter is all over the place; I understand if you purchase something you shouldn't really need to change anything but in this instance the materials are appalling and the van itself looks incredibly unrealistic.
    - the rear part of the sprinter, from the end of the sliding door to the back, appears to protrude from the rest of the body which looks like a massive bump.
    - the canopy is low detail and looks particularly large.
    - the plate fonts and scaling on the writing is incorrect.
    - the speaker on the front bumper is literally just a texture and looks incredibly poor quality.
    - the CCTV camera on the side is massive.
    - the skin is incredibly poor quality; fonts are incorrect, font sizes and scaling is especially incorrect and it does not accurately represent the real life vehicle you are replicating.

    Whilst I appreciate releasing whilst particularly new at modding, quality assurance from more experienced modders and professional roleplayers would of made this release much better. Overall, I think, once again, its another example of a vehicle where the quality brings the rating of our community down, especially in direct comparison to the detailed releases the American community are doing.

    3 oktober 2020
  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    @meimeiriver I didnt say any of that. I've stated what I think is wrong with the model, and you've said that I'm not allowed to give a 0.5 star for that reason. So, I'm asking with all respect, what star rating am I allowed to give it? I need to know before I rate it and risk getting banned.

    20 september 2020
  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    @ReNNie give me a star rating I'm allowed to put then me chavvy.. since we're clearly not allowed to rate them what we actually think of them. I'll budge up to a 1 star to make you happy!

    20 september 2020
  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    Ever since you were impolite with David from Dogs Trust Darlington over the telephone, my opinion of you has massively reduced. Unfortunately, the release of this model has done nothing to change that. As with other releases of yours it's simply low quality control and minimal effort. Nothing has been second checked to ensure it is right. Look at the skin which is reused and a lightbar that's been scaled incorrectly. In the future, I'd reccomend you let your charitable side out both in modding and outside of modding. May help you in cultivating better produce for the modding and clanning sector.

    19 september 2020
  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    Where did you get the template from?

    6 augusti 2018
  • 70be76 jpeg 20200311 223441

    Skin is very poor quality. Furthermore, you don't need 3 different credits per part. Converting and texturing is a 2 minute job if that. It's literally drag and drop with materials. Also, it should only be fair that individuals get credited for their work and not some collective rubbish. 2 people's done all the work, Adrian and Khan, yet yous claim credit for doing literally nothing.

    2 augusti 2018