Ammu-Nation Truck Hijacking Events 1.2


Fixed a stupid script crash at the very start. DateTimes screwing stuff up.
I have also added three cheats
"force event ammu burrito" - Forces the Burrito event
"force event ammu boxville" - Forces the Boxville event
"force event ammu stockade" - Forces the Stockade event
Have fun.

This package adds three new Ammu-Nation themed delivery vehicles into the game, as well as a new random event, where you have to hijack one of them to steal the weapons they deliver.

  • Three new Ammu-Nation themed vehicles
  • Random Events where these vehicles go out for delivery - you can try to hijack these vehicles to steal their goods
  • Three different difficulties with three different sets of rewards

Open the ammu.oiv file with OpenIV Package Installer (Tools>PackageInstaller). Then, follow the instructions.
The package will install the vehicle models and the script in their correct folders. You can disable the events entirely by deleting "AmmuNationTrucks.dll", inside your GTAV/Scripts/ folder.

The Vans
  • Burrito: This van delivers small arms, and it's not guarded at all. However, the driver is armed and the police will be notified if the van is under attack.
  • Boxville: Featuring bulletproof glass, this van delivers a wide range of weapons, from combat pistols to grenades and sniper rifles. Both the driver and Guard are heavily armed and will call the cops on you if under attack.
  • Stockade: Having bulletproof tires and glass, and highly resistant to explosions, this securicar usually delivers heavy weapons. Apart from the three heavily armed guards that accompany the driver, Merryweather will be called to secure the van if its attacked. Because of this, the police won't participate, but you will still gain a 3 Star Wanted Level if you manage to steal its goods.

How to play
  • Look for Ammu-Nation themed vans. The game will inform you if there is any van nearby.
  • When attacking a van,make sure you kill the driver, or at least get it out the van. You cannot steal the van's weapons if the driver is still in it.
  • If you're after an armored truck, know that you have a 30 second window until Merryweather Security arrives.
  • While its under attack, the van won't vanish, no matter how far you are from it.
  • Dying allows the van to escape.

.NET Framework 4.5.2
Visual C++ 2015


  • Added a blip for the Ammu-Nation vans
  • Removed unnecesary notifications (Manual spawns near Ammu-Nation Stores)

Alex Von Shep: Vehicle models & Idea
Eddlm: Script
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