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I was tired of mission and activities mods on where enemies had an excelent accuracy, they can shoot and hit you if they're not even directly aiming at you, shooting throw obstacles and making impossible shots... Like enemies in vanilla game, like when O'Neal "soldiers" can shoot Trevor's feet when he's covered behind his Bodhi pickup at 300m, with the shitty 9mm pistols...

That's why i created Accuracy Fix, a GTA V mod that forces all the peds on the game to have the same accuracy. The script is constantly checking for all the peds who are human, not player and haven't got the desired accuracy level, so it changes their accuracy to the desired levels.

I personally like when the enemies can't hit me so easily, but when they do it, they kill me or my character gets badly injured... So this script is recommended for people who likes that kind of realism and playing style. Anyway, you can also use it to increase the accuracy, if you want to, and increase difficulty on GTA V combats!

I wanted to include NativeUI, but to avoid delaying even more the update of the script, I decided to do not include it for now. Actually it hasn't got a menu, neither hotkeys as the previous version had. I want to include on the next version NativeUI or other menu system, still have to think how to focus this.

About features: the main new feature is a more customizable Global Accuracy modifier, having three methods to set the accuracy for each ped. Read about them on the following Configuration section.

Also included a Global Damage modifier, theorically should modify the damage enemy AI made to the player. This should avoid aggresive scripts that spawn enemies with a high damage value, but haven't tested deeper if it works as it should.

The last new feature is a Global Shootrate modifier, as the global damage, I'm not sure if it's working as expected, but I think it does. It should modify the AI shooting rate, so they shoot more bullets.

You need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV DotNet plugins in order to run this script. Then, place both AccuracyFix.dll and AccuracyFix.ini on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder.
The ZIP file also contains a folder with the previous version of the mod (v1.0), just in case something with the new version is wrong, so you can downgrade.


All the settings can be changed on the AccuracyFix.ini file. These are the settings you can change:

    1. GlobalAccuracyModule: turn on/off the Global Accuracy modifier. Put true or false.
    2. AccuracyMode: select the ped accuracy calculation method you prefeer. Put a number from 0 to 3 depending on the mode you want, from the following list:
      • 0: basic accuracy mode: the same accuracy for everybody. Put your desired accuracy value on Accu1 (Accu2 won't be read)
      • 1: random, static accuracy mode: will provide each ped with a random accuracy value, calculated between Accu1 & Accu2 values.
      • 2: max. and min. accuracy levels: limits the accuracy value for each ped; this will make sure the levels for each ped are between Accu1 and Accu2. If a ped's accu. level is between both values, won't be changed. If it's higher or lower, it will be set to the max. and min. values, respectively. Accu1=min. level; Accu2=max. level.
      • 3: max. and min., proportional accuracy levels: limits the accuracy value for each ped, being calculated proportinally from the original value, from 0 to 100. If a ped's vanilla accu=100 and you set accu1=20 and accu2=30, it'll be set to 30. Accu1=min. level; Accu2=max. level.

  • Accu1 & Accu2: these values have to be changed depending on what Accuracy Mode you chose. Use only positive numbers from 0 to 100.
    1. GlobalShootRate: turn on/off the Global Shootrate modifier. Put true or false.
    2. ShootRate: the desired shootrate. It will be applied on all the AI peds. Put a number between 0 and 1000.

    1. GlobalDamageModule: turn on/off the Global AI Damage modifier. Put true or false.
    2. Damage: the desired damage multiplier. Put a float here, for example 1.0f, 2.5f, 100.0f.....

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