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  • Gtav76

    This is awesome dude. I have been waiting on a Model T for GTAV for so long. Downloading right now

    29 januari 2023
  • Gtav76

    Is there a way to make the extras appear on the helicopter without having to do it through a mod menu? I'm primarily just wanting the rocket pods to show up. With your add-on vehicles about 90% of the time the mods don't show up in the trainer's mod menu. Which is a shame because your custom military planes & helicopters are the best available for GTA 5. I have several other add-on vehicles installed w/custom modkits and they work well.

    When installing a new add-on vehicle I always check the modkit ID in carcols.meta to ensure it doesn't conflict with any other modkits. For this Mi-17 I've tried more than 20 different modkit values & tried uninstalling all other mods besides the Mi-17, but it still won't recognize the custom modkit therefore it won't load the models located in the vehicle mods .rpf. I've tried using flags FLAG_EXTRAS_ALL and FLAG_EXTRAS_REQUIRE in the vehicles.meta but that doesn't work either since for some reason the game will not load the extras such as the rocket pods. I mean the models & textures can be viewed in OpenIV but the custom modkit never actually loads.

    Do you know of any workaround to this to where the rocket pods can just be permanently attached to the helicopter?

    8 maj 2022
  • Gtav76

    How did you get the bodyguard to fire the RPG? Mine only stands with it won't fire.

    30 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    Nice model, but missing bounds (collision) so falls through the ground when dropped and crashes the game.

    28 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    No bounds so it falls through the ground when dropped.

    28 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    Of course the folded version has bounds and the unfolded version doesn't, so it falls through the ground when dropped and crashes the game. Why are half the weapon mods on this site missing bounds?

    28 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    This Kamov Ka-25 mod has counter rotating rotors so it must be possible to do with the KA-52:

    I've tried & tried to get the handling for the KA-52 to work but it still does the thing where it constantly rocks back and forth. I don't know how to fix it.

    27 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    Okay so I've had some time to play around with this mod and I have to say it is incredibly fun. You can even do dogfights with addon WW2 aircraft like the FW-190, ME-262, P-40E, etc. HOWEVER it does require some additional tweaks and changes to the various vehicles & vehicle weapons in order to work best

    Here are some common issues and their solutions:

    1: Disappearing textures when add-on aircraft spawn. This is usually caused by liveries. Many aircraft made by SkylineGTRFreak & such have multiple liveries which are either 4096x4096 or 2048x2048 resolution (4K or 2K) using DXT5 compression. This requires large amounts of GPU memory and RAM. I have 10gb of RAM and I run into issues with disappearing textures even with only 3 add-on airplanes spawning with each a 4K livery. However if your PC is sufficiently powerful then you may not experience this issue.

    I resolved this by opening the .ytd files in OpenIV for the add-on vehicles/planes I was using and deleting the liveries I don't want. I try to reduce it down to only 1 or maybe 2 liveries per vehicle. Then I export the liveries I kept & use Paint.NET to resize them to either 2048x2048 or 1024x1024. Then I save them using the same .dds format with DXT1 compression & if they originally have mip maps then I generate mip maps using "fant" scaling. (It shows in OpenIV whether or not a texture has mip maps.) I also resize the specular map as well to match the livery resolution.

    This can lower the quality of the aircraft's exterior texture a bit especially if it originally had 4K liveries, but it's only noticeable when very close to the plane. If it's an enemy fighter jet 250 - 1000 meters away then you won't be able to notice. I'm personally not bothered by it at all & it makes this script run a lot smoother.

    2: Unable to spawn error.

    NOTE: Often this error just means the plane can't spawn because the script has already spawned the 3 planes (or however many you have it set to spawn). It doesn't necessarily indicate an issue.

    3: Unable to spawn pilot.

    Add these lines to the vehicles.meta files for the planes you're wanting to spawn with this script:

    Under flags put FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT.

    Next replace whichever driver it has with this:

    <driverName>S_M_M_Marine_02 </driverName>
    <npcName> />

    I can't 100% tell if putting in the driver makes a difference, but this combined with FLAG_LAW_ENFORCEMENT fixes the "unable to spawn pilot" error for me. If there's no driver at all then find the <drivers /> line and replace it with the above.

    Also the "Swankness" level seems to have an affect on spawning too. Set it to SWANKNESS_1 or SWANKNESS_2 if it's not already.

    4. NPC's have extremely inaccurate homing missiles.

    For the vanilla homing missiles you can edit these values in update.rpf>common>ai>weapons.meta.


    LifeTime value="30.000000"
    FromVehicleLifeTime value="30.000000"
    LaunchSpeed value="1800.000000"

    TimeBeforeHoming value="0.100000"
    PitchChangeRate value="80.000000"
    YawChangeRate value="80.000000"
    RollChangeRate value="80.000000"
    MaxRollAngleSin value="0.500000"


    (I set the values identical to AMMO_SPACE_ROCKET.)


    LockOnRange value="900.000000"
    WeaponRange value="1200.000000"

    Delete "HomingToggle" under WeaponFlags. This removes the ability to switch between homing & non-homing as sometimes it seems like the AI switches to non-homing and they're terribly inaccurate.


    (Again I set these values identical to VEHICLE_WEAPON_SPACE_ROCKET.)

    For add-on vehicles with custom weapons you'll need to look in the dlc.rpf each specific add-on vehicle to find the weapons.meta file & edit the weapons there. I also like to increase the WeaponRange value for the various aircraft machine guns & cannons. I normally set it to 500. (The range values are in meters.)

    If you want you can also edit these same values in weaponhominglauncher.meta located in update.rpf>dlc_patch>mpchristmas2>ai in order to make the Homing Launcher have faster & more accurate rockets which can travel much farther and change their flight path better. Otherwise it won't be very effective against fast moving fighter jets & such firing at you from long range.

    You can play around with these values a little bit to fit what you find to be the most fun. Make the missiles faster or slower, etc.

    Lastly, I recommend opening ScriptHookVDotNet.ini in Notepad or Notepad++ and making sure to set "ReloadKey=Insert". This way if you get a script error you can simply press "Insert" to reload your scripts, that way you don't have to close & reopen GTA. It also makes it so you can change whichever airplanes are being spawned without closing the game. Alt-Tab out of GTA, edit CustomWantedAirTraffic.ini, save, go back into GTA, and reload scripts. Then the new airplanes will start spawning instead.

    That's all I can think of for now. I know it's a lot of stuff to do but for me it really improves this mod. I very rarely get spawn errors now and it works extremely well.

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    26 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    @Missilejet Is the weapon you're wanting to use present in the handling.meta file? Sometimes Skyline has custom weapons that don't get used. Next, is it a weapon that you have to add to the aircraft via vehicle mod in a trainer? If so then the AI won't be able to select it. Some of Skylines vehicles are this way. One of his F14 for instance has missiles added via vehicle modkit.

    26 april 2022
  • Gtav76

    Readme instructions are for k20a installation. Not correct for this.

    25 april 2022