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Screaming Injured Peds is a script that makes all the AI peds to start screaming, shouting and coughing when they're lying on the floor.

I made this a long time ago and I first though about introducing it on a update of the Accuracy Fix mod, then I though about making a new mod that modifies the AI behaviour when injured, damaged or lying on the floor. But I'm busy ATM with other projects, so this is more like a preview of the idea. Some people asked for it on the forum, when I published the WIP project.

The idea is to improve this with more functions and stuff that make things more realistic, so keep in mind this is more like a WIP project/preview. More exactly, I want to make a complete script that changes the AI reactions when they get hurt, and this is just one part of it.

How does the script work? It analyzes all the peds on the area, if a ped is lying on the floor (what the game calls being "hurt") the ped receives the order to play a random pain sound. Actually I just included the burning and coughing SFX, but the idea is to include more. The peds affected by this should have a blip, which dissappears as soon as the ped finally dies (the script stop working on it).

Version 2 of the script features a randomization that makes the ped scream, cough or do nothing (the vanilla reaction/SFX) randomly, so they won't be screaming all the time. Version 1 is the original one which hasn't got that randomization.

You can follow this trick to avoiding peds automatically dying after a few seconds when they're injured on the floor. If they die soon enough, you might don't hear them screaming like it's intended.

This is a .NET script, so you need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV DotNet in order to have this working on your game. Put the DLL file on Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder.

  • v1: initial release
  • v2: timers included: now, each ped will trigger what we can call "a screaming event" each 5 seconds. These events will randomly make the ped shout, cough or do nothing (the vanilla SFX for the injured peds). Each event have the same posibilities (33% for each one). On the next release, I'll include an INI file where you can customize everything. Plz, let me know what do you think about the system and how do you think it could be improved.
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