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In case you don't want your Avenger with Marine logos, I created .ytd files with logos and fin flashes for various militaries, pictures included. The first picture represents what I could control in the current avenger.ytd files.

The Avenger files to replace are here:

Toggle "Edit mode", top right button, then
Copy the avenger3, avenger4, avenger3+hi and avenger4+hi.ytd files from the extract and overwrite those same files in the MP2023_01 dlc file. The Avenger3 files are for the flying version, the Avenger4 files are for the static version with the propellors stowed.

To select a starting point for your paint, edit the avenger3.ytd file and rename the avenger_decals file to avenger_decalsOrig. Then select the decals you want, for example avenger_decalsUSAF and rename it to avenger_decals, then save the file. Do the same for avenger3+hi.ytd. If you want to use the stowed version for set dressing, follow the same steps, but for avenger4 and avenger4+hi.ytd.

Just to confirm the livery, I'd click on the avenger3(or 4).yft and the avenger3+hi(or 4+hi).yft to open the OpenIV Model Viewer to see what the model will look like with the new decals.

Because of the nature of this in game vehicle, I can't really supply any camoflauges. You'll have to use your trainer of choice to select primary (upper) and secondary (lower) paint and Benny's for any livery choices.

play around until you find a combination that suits your needs.

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