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CHANGES in V2019.08.01
- Removed the two monster trucks and the Blazer Aqua from the list.

CHANGES in V2019.07.30
- Added all vehicles from the Casino DLC except for the S80 which is no street car imo. Of course you can add it yourself as described in the guide which is part of the download.

CHANGES in V2018.12.26
- Added the following vehicles form the Arena Wars DLC: Toros, Clique, Deviant, Impaler, Schlagen, Deveste, Deathbike (Futureshock version w/o extras).

CHANGES in V2018.07.31
- Added the following vehicles of the mpbattle DLC (Nightclub game update July 2018):
RICH: scramjet, swinger, stafford, patriot2 (Stretch Patriot)
FREEWAY: scramjet, swinger, stafford, patriot2
Countryside offroad and Sandy Shores area: freecrawler.
If you want another vehicle I've not listed here you can easily add it yourself. Instructions are in the guide.

CHANGES in V2018.03.29
- Added the following vehicles of the mpassault DLC (game update march 2018):
POOR: cheburek, ellie, fagaloa, issi3, michelli
MIDDLE CLASS: dominator3, gb200, jester3
RICH: entity2, tezeract, taipan, tyrant
FREEWAY: All of the listed

Hello there,
due to popular demand I share my versatile AI traffic modification with you.
You will see all kind of vehicles on the street (including DLC vehicles). The models vary in different zones. So, for example, you will see supercars mainly around Rockford Hills and Vinewood hills. The vehicle models also change with time. You will NOT see them all at once. The game uses this as an information pool which it randomly pulls a certain amount of models from (depends on the variety level in your game settings) and changes this set over time.
Detailed installation instructions can be found in the download.

The Versatile Traffic mod is courtesy of Cyron43 aka Osmone Everony.
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