Better Weapon Shell effects (Not a sound mod) Better Shells 1.4

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Tired of Your shell casings looking like doo doo fart, Are you a fan of the Matrix or Payday 2

Then this mod is for you, This mod changes the particles for shell ejection and adds some Max Payne 3 and RDR2 Spice to them, No more saying to yourself "why do these shells look so weird"

Using Open IV Install to the path shown below, If you Can't figure that out it's all on You.

mods > update > update.rpf > x64 > patch > data > effects

Known Bugs:
Smg's use "eject_auto" meaning they will use Carbine casings unless edited with open iv there is no way around this

Some Missions contain there own effects rpf and in certain missions the fx will be overwritten to there default counter parts

This mod can be paired up with almost ANY Config and or Particle mod as long as they don't replace the
ptfx and ptfx hi files respectively, If so use a Tool like Codewalker to individually replace the modded ypt files.

Have fun and Shoot on. - Kanadianborn


1.1 Inital Upload

1.2 Properly implemented new Shotgun Casing fx

1.3 Changed Pistol and Carbine Casing Arc's / Updated Pistol casing to be more visible

1.4 Experimental fix to avoid particles in cutscenes overriding the ejection effect from core.ypt / overhauled Shotgun Casings to appear closer to real life slugs
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