Vapid Contender Classic [Add-On] 1.0


Popular with local rednecks and angsty teenagers these days, the Vapid E-109 was built alongside the Bobcat with nothing more than American steel and rolled out of the factory with just one goal: own the streets. Officially nicknamed the "Contender" as a result, this little truck provided the much needed balance between work, fun, and downright traffic violation for all the years and models to come.

This is a totally original model edit that's totally supposed to resemble and be the lore-friendly version of the 1980s Ford F-150 and was totally not a Bobcat XL and a Rancher bashed together with about 100 total hours of dealing with the totally uncooperative modelling tool. Totally.

But seriously, I was bored and I made this after a little inspiration via video games. The more the merrier I say. I'll probably end up updating this eventually with more stuff for it. Spawn with "contender3" for the clean variant, and "contender4" for the beater variant.

-Glass shards remain when you break the glass.
-Worn bodywork for the beater is just like the other worn out vehicles.
-Hella traffic colors.
-Did somebody say LODs?
-This vehicle has a name in 6 different languages.

--Known Issues--
-Some minor mesh issues. Not noticeable unless you really search for them. Will probably fix someday.
-The rim is kinda glitched, if you lose the tire you'll be able to see into the rim. I did not touch the wheels, resizing aside, so I dunno what's the problem here.

Drop the "spcontenderclassic" folder into dlcpacks and add the line "dlcpacks:\spcontenderclassic\" to dlclist.xml in update.rpf/common/data. This mod also supports my add-on license plates mod, just remove the commented-out text in the DLC's carvariations.meta to enable them.

That's about it. Enjoy!
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