New Unmarked Police Cars [MENYOO] 2.0 -- FINAL


Three new unmarked police cars:

(1) 1st Generation Vapid Stanier with police lights and siren (Rear lights only)
(2) 1st Generation Vapid Stanier with police lights and siren (Front and rear lights)
(3) Vapid Stanier 2nd generation with even more lights! (Grille + lightbars, see pictures)

(No additional files/installation required)

The vehicles are shown in the pictures.
This is the result of mixing: 1st Gen Stanier with 2nd Gen Stanier, 1st Gen Stanier with FIB Unmarked Car, FIB Unmarked with 2nd Gen Stanier.
The vehicles are two vehicles merged into each other, it might be hard to actually enter the driveable vehicle in the "even more lights 2nd Gen Vapid Stanier", best tip is to try different angels if this happens or even from the roof. I'll try to find a way to prevent this in future vehicles. This issue is fixed in the other two cars.

v2.0 Changes:

-Fixed player teleporting inside fixed car unable to drive
-Minor fixes and improvements


1) Copy/Paste provided folder "menyooStuff" in your GTA V directory, where same folder is located and GTA5.EXE.

Comes with BONUS Undercover Taxi


1) Open menyoo and go to: Vehicle Options > Vehicle Spawner > Saved Vehicles > And you may find the vehicles there.
2) ???
3) Enjoy!

By Alexandrovich 11/21/2021
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