Handling for Stunt Motorsports' 2018 Liberty Walk Lamborghini Huracan Performante Spyder 3.00


Brutal, high-revving and with a tendency to drift when the pedal hits the ground.

This handling was made to simulate a Twin Turbo 1000bhp, heavily upgraded Lamborghini Huracan tuned for track (and quite possibly drag). It features reduced weight, more downforce, exclusive rear wheel drive and realistic gear shift timing. It is now a nervous, highly responsive supercar with which you should be very careful at high speeds and WILL take some getting used to for newer players. Fight to keep it under control with no substantial ABS, no Traction Control and the "settings" stuck on RACE mode.

The car had an innate issue with wheels sticking out of the chasse at speeds exceeding 250km/h when too much downforce was applied. That issue has been corrected using a tighter and slightly higher suspension.

The car tops out at over 360km/h!


I) Extract the "handling.meta" file from the .rar archive to a location of your choice.
II) OpenIV / GTAV / Mods / update / x64 / dlcpacks / lbperfs / dlc.rpf / data
III) Click on Edit Mode, then drag and drop "handling.meta" into that folder.

The creator of the car is Stunt Motorsports and the car link can be found here.

It has adequate modifications and amazing texture work so it is the one I highly recommend if Huracan is what you want considering it is also light as a file.

The custom sound used on the video was synthesized by Asedrus and I only added the Turbo whistle on it afterwards.


A bug caused Version 1.00 top speed to exceed 450km/h.
-The speed has been toned down by reducing the number of gears from 7 to 6 while also increasing aerodynamic drag and downforce multiplier for more stability at higher speeds and effectively lowering top speed. (12 - 15)
-Slightly increased traction at high speeds as well. (0,20)
-Slightly decreased steering range to counter oversteer. (-0,25)

A modern controller, steering wheel, or at least a pressure sensitive keyboard are required for an ideal experience, since max acceleration causes wheelspin if the car is idle, due to the increased power being rapidly deployed on the rear wheels.

Enjoy the beast.


-Added more traction to keep the car more composed at high speeds
-Made suspension better at handling hills and terrain anomalies

Even though V3.00 is more refined and user-friendly, the core of this vehicle's performance retains all the brutality of the previous handlings, but is now a more controllable package on which, proper user input is rewarded with surprising control, so you can be more confident as you exceed 200km/h and enjoy thrills of higher limits.
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