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About this mod:-

This mod changes handling and physics of the vehicles to make it more realistic. The handling is changed with the help of GTA 4 handling file. About 180 vehicles handling is changed. Vehicles weight, center of mass, speed, traction, suspension, damage, etc. values are changed.

(Note:- Some vehicles do not show body roll like in GTA 4 even if handling is changed. For example:- Oracle2, TurismoR, Rhapsody, Warrener, Towtruck etc.)

Suggestions and Feedbacks are appreciated.


(WARNING: Make sure to make a back up of "update" file before installing this mod. In any case it does not work replace the update file.)

1. Download and Install open iv from here: or google open iv.
2. Extract the "handling.meta" file using winrar or any other extractors.
3. Start open iv and open with the GTA 5 directory.
4. Open tools menu and then click on ASI Manager.
5. Install ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI.
6. Then Toggle edit mode on by pressing F6 key or clicking on Edit mode on top of the
7. Open update folder.
8. Then open update.rpf folder.
9. Click 'Show in "mods" folder' option
10. Then Open "Common" Folder.
11. Then Open "data" folder.
12. Then find "handling.meta" file and right click on it and select replace option and then
replace with extracted handling.meta file.
13. Close open IV then Start the game.


Version 2.4:-
- 1 new vehicle handling changed:-
- Fixed Center of mass of these cars:-
Sentinel, Zion, schwarze, phoenix, khamelian, elegy2, fusilade, dominator2, dominator, jester, jester2, cheetah, monroe, huntley, Buccaneer.
So, now these cars also show body roll.

Version 2.3:-
- 12 bikes handling changed:-
PCJ, Sanchez, Faggio, Bati, Bagger, Daemon, Akuma, Double t, Vader, Ruffian, Nemesis, Police B.

Version 2.2:-
-handling reworked of ninef, mesa, crusader.
-1 new car handling changed:-
Dubsta 6x6
-mainly worked in traction of vehicles in burnout option of the mod in this version.

Version 2.1:-
-All vehicles top speed increased.
-Glendale and Warrener handling reworked.
-4 new vehicles(including DLC) handling changed:-
Buffalo3, Jester 2, Gauntlet2, Dominator2.

Version 2.0:-
-All vehicles low speed traction multiplier set to 0, which means normal traction. So, no more car burnout when pressing gas.(Some cars like feltzer and phoenix still show burnout.)
-3 new vehicles handling changed:-
Sand king, Rebel, Rusty Rebel

Version 1.9:-
-handling reworked of these vehicles:-
alpha, carboniz, furore gt, Asterope, Exemplar.
-11 New Vehicles (including DLC) Handling Changed:-
massacro2, Police roadcruiser, Police rancher, crusader, dune, roosevelt, Sheriff Cruiser, Police transporter, riot, khamelian, panto.

Version 1.8:-
-15 New Vehicles (including DLC) Handling Changed:-
Zentorno, Turismo R, Alpha, Massacro, Blade, Huntley, Warrener, Glendale, Jester, Pigalle, Blista Compact, Dukes2, Dukes, FuroreGT, Barracks.

Version 1.7:-
- off-road traction changed of these cars:-
Infernus, adder, entity xf, vacca, voltic, Nine f.
-handling reworked of these cars:-
Regina, Super Diamond, fusilade.
- 5 new cars handling changed:-
JB 700, Monroe, ztype, elegy2, stinger.

Version 1.6:-
- handling of Asterope reworked from version 1.2.
-16 new vehicles handling changed:-
Utility truck, Utility Truck 2, Utility Truck 3, Tour Bus, Scrap Truck, Tow truck, Hauler, Rubble, Mixer, Mixer 2, Tipper, Tipper 2, Pounder, Picador, Prairie, CogCabrio.

Version 1.5:-
- 21 new vehicles handling changed:-
Life Guard, Police SUV, Schwarze, Vacca, Entity xf, Youga, Rumpo, Surfer, Cheetah, Voltic, Adder, Camper, Journey, Rocoto, Penumbra, Asea, Bison, Sadler, Park Ranger, Bodhi, Taco Van.

Version 1.4:-
- handling of phoenix from version 1.2 reworked.
- 12 new vehicles handling changed:-
Baller2, Radius, Mesa, Bjxl, Stainer, Fusilade, Stallion, Stallion2, Seminole, Gresley, Fq2, Landstalker.

Version 1.3:-
- Obey Ninef and Granger handling reworked from vesion 1.2.
- 10 new vehicles handling changed:-
Tornado, Regina, Surge, Jackal, Zion, Felon, Felon gt, Fugitive, Exemplar, Baller.

Version 1.2:-
-10 new vehicles handling values is changed:-
Surano, Carboniz, Nine f, Tailgater, Asterope, Gauntlet, Dominator, Phoenix, Dubsta, Granger.

Version 1.1:-
-11 new vehicles handling changed:-
Police Interceptor, Buffalo, Bullet, Caddy, Serrano, Super Diamond, Burrito, Bus, Towtruck2, Rhapsody, F620.

Version 1.0:-
-60 cars handling changed.


GTA 4 "handling.dat" file.
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