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    Can you add option to dance (instead of playing guitar) for money?
    I'm playing trashy junkie MP girl that makes money by dealing, begging etc. and dance&pay would go nice with "pole dance" job in Vanilla Unicorn.

    14 november 2022
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    It's autohotkey script. You will need
    -But you need to start it manually
    -And for autohotkey to work in GTA you first need to start a game, wait for some time, ALT TAB, then start autohotkey.
    -And you have to wait for game to load everything and FPS to settle down and then execute script "sequence"
    -And not touch anything until it's completely done.
    -And even then it can have missclicks and mess stuff up..
    -And even then you will need to change lot of stuff inside because I have customized keybinds and menu stuff.....
    So I'd rather not post it publicly to confuse people.

    I'll just show part of it so you can see how easy it is for you to make it yourself if you decide to use autohotkey.

    Send,{f8 down} ;menyoo open keybind down
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms
    Send,{f8 up} ;menyoo open keybind up
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms

    Send,{down down} ;menu navigation downkey down
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms
    Send,{down up} ;menu navigation downkey up
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms

    Send,{enter down} ;enter key down
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms
    Send,{enter up} ;enter key up
    Sleep 150 ;wait 150ms

    12 november 2022
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    Do you know does it works/conflict with finite cops mods, or you have similar feature?

    Finite cops mod has feature where you can set amount of cops that will be sent for each wanted star level and more important, maximum cops number that can be sent and after you kill them or escape some time must pass (set in .ini) before their numbers are replenished and can be sent again.
    So, no unlimited government budget and cops coming wave after wave.

    6 november 2022
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    @danix93 @Asian_Slav27

    Try this, works perfectly with MP character issues for 99.99% of other mods too.

    6 november 2022
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    Thank you so much for this, it became immediately one of essential mods.

    Have few ideas if you're interested... (If some of them are already working then it must be me having bugs due to tons of mods.)

    1. Able to have more than just 1 bag that persist thru game restart, to serve like weapon stashes at various places.

    2. More than just 1 weapon of exact same model in bag. Example, now if put 2 or more pistols only 1 will stay, others will disappear.

    3. Buy bag from clothes stores or some other "realistic" locations on map (like you can buy food and meds), and setting price for bag-from-store in .ini

    4. Now, if weapon is dropped on floor it can't be picked up again, can you make it "pickable" after you drop it?

    5. Able to carry only 1 big weapon without dufflebag, but ONLY UNHOLSTERED (in hands).
    -If you try to holster it "script" will put it back into hands and will prevent you from doing other things with hands like taking meds, smoking, using any other weapon.
    -If you want to get rid of that big weapon in your hands you must drop it or get dufflebag.

    Again one of simple yet greatest mods out there.

    6 november 2022
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    It's autohotkey script.
    It presses [open menyoo key] then [arrow down key] few times, then [enter key]...etc.
    Kind of "dummie" stuff, nothing coding fancy.

    31 augusti 2022
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    Few quirks
    I've set this:
    But if I get killed I still have drugs shown in my inventory and I can sell them. (without picking the "SKULLBLIP" bag)

    I can sell pills always(and receive money), even if I never bought them and inventory shows=0.
    And this shows up in .ini
    PILLSBAGS = -1

    27 augusti 2022
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    1 "problem" that I have is that I can't stash drugs anywhere, I always carry it on me so I must sell all the drugs before doing some other dangerous stuff and possibly get killed.

    Can you make it that (when taco business purchased) I can transfer drugs from player inventory to taco van and back'n'forth and make taco van persistent so it doesn't disappear when leaving the game?
    Tnx for reviving great mod.

    10 juli 2022
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    Yea it seems only log type trailer was "screwed".
    I've tested few trailers (with menyoo spawn and hauling mod) and only when that particular type of flatbed trailer (and no matter what cargo was on, even empty) was attached I had trouble, other flatbeds and everything else are ok.

    2 juli 2022
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    Oops sorry.
    It.s not mount chilliad only but with heavy load even in a slightest climb in a city I often must drive in 1st gear ( I use ikt manual transmission mod).

    Will you be making updates to "rig" trucks so they could pull heavy load uphill? In reality trucks are able to pull loads uphill but with crawling speed.
    I have temporary "fix" for trucks with menyoo by boosting HP but when empty they become arcade crappy and I really love this mod's vehicle behaviour.

    1 juli 2022