Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2020 [Add-On | LODs | Template | Sound] 1.0


Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2020
Base model: Forza
Sound and Handling: Aquaphobic, Met
Liveries: HummingBird
Everything else: Wanted188

If you would like to support me and get some really cool tuner cars - you can do so here:
If you want to see what im working on, check out my Discord server:

Made this car on a whim
since i started college, i wont have as much free time as i used to so i wanted to see how fast ill be able to convert a car from forza
turns out its about a week on a not so busy schedule.

On a more serious note:
Guys, im hearing more and more that my cars are being sold or used to force people to donate in order to obtain them on various FiveM servers
and to put it mildly, i dont like it. I make my mods for free and want them to remain free.
Please note that i could make my cars NOT work on FiveM servers if i want to
and if you wont stop selling them on your servers or monetizing them in any way shape or form, i will make them NOT work on FiveM.
Those people who will report such servers will get a version that will work on FiveM if they will provide proof of my cars being sold or monetized.

Non-pirated post Casino Heist version of the game

I will NOT provide any support to those who will attempt to tamper with the car and break it.

You are NOT allowed to:
Sell the mod or its contents in any way shape or form, neither directly nor indirectly
Reupload this mod without my explicit permission.
Use it in any monetized server without my explicit permission
Use it in any sponsored Youtube video

- Beautiful and detailed stock base car (no pre-tuning)
- All basic game features (dials, hands on steering wheel, all doors open etc...)
- paintable interior
- Shaking engine
- Custom dirt map
- Template and liveries
- LODs (LOD0-4)
- Breakable glass
- Custom engine sound by Met and Aquaphobic
and more

If youve made a livery for this car and would like it to be included with the car in the next update, let me know! (you will be added to the credits)

Known Issues:
- dials dont have the correct color, the digital display that displays the gear number is red (i could either make it black or red so i chose the more contrasting color)

If you dont like the handling and would like to use the vanilla settings, i used Dominator3 as base. you can use it's handling line.


place the forgt50020 folder in:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

now go to:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml

Open dlclist.xml and add the following line:


Use a trainer to spawn the car ingame ( i recommend this one:
The car's name is: forgt50020
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