Honda CRX SiR 1991 [Add-On | Tuning | Template | LODs]


Honda CRX SiR '91
Models: Forza, Juiced2, Wanted188, VK, various places around the internet
Thanks to AkazukaiSokudo for the interior parts
Base car was Taken from
Converting: Wanted188
Co-author: GreenAid

If you would like to support me and get some really cool tuner cars - you can do so here:
If you want to see what im working on, check out my Discord server:

I just haven't seen anyone with a sharper eye for details than Greenaid
Brought to you by: Pumaone
thank you for your support!

Screenshots and awesome video by: MoravianLion

Here is a realistic handling+other configuration for this car by Aquaphobic:

Ok folks, this one was supposed to be my anniversary mod
something to celebrate a whole year of me releasing mods on this website
and this one is a special one
lets treat the number 21 as the round and nice one
ive been working on this one for over a month from morning to evening
and finally here it is

This car is intentionally LHD despite being originally a JDM exclusive RHD
because the RHD animations don't cut it

also, some parts are not really compatible with each other since you have some side exhausts and rear bumpers without holes for exhauts
i tried fixing it but the game just won't let me do it as i want it to
but you have the freedom to mix and match parts so yay!

- Beautiful and detailed stock base car (no pre-tuning)
- working dials
- paintable interior
- Shaking engine
- Custom dirt mapping
- Template
- LODs (LOD0-4)
- Breakable glass
- Semi-realistic handling (gta5 is not a driving sim after all)
- correctly working doors
- Realistic lights (as realistic as you can get with GTA:5)
- over 150 tuning parts
and more

please note, by default it supports both methods of liveries (tuning and sign_#) but you can achieve a better result by using tuning liveries (4k liveries as long as you keep them DXT5)
but when you use the sign_# liveries, if you tune the car (at least via menyoo) the livery disappears. so this is purely for development purposes. so livery artists, i strongly advise you to use the tuning method. and if you struggle with it, talk to me

If youve made a livery for this car and would like it to be included with the car in the next update, let me know! (you will be added to the credits)

Lights don't break (had to do it because of tuning lights)


place the honcrx91 folder in:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks

now go to:

Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml

Open dlclist.xml and add the following line:


Use a trainer to spawn the car ingame ( i recommend this one:
The car's name is: honcrx91
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