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Enfin là...Finally there - Déesse
It took a long time for me to see what I could successfully accomplish - To be honest, I wanted a bit more of this-- but at least I learned
somewhat. I found several .dae models in 3dwearhouse (, credits to all, and combine mesh with some vanilla cars. I also recreated lot of
polygons, I practice:) ( God knows, I might be able to create models from zero one day ) and I was making and making... a lot.
I published those two versions because I think it is correct done. All glass is breakable including mirrors ( interior too ) , inner glass does not get black after upgrade ( from outside - yes ), dirt, damage etc. is fine.. and collision..
I am particularly satisfied about that... I made some linked collisions and I think I did it right ( I looked in original models).
I tested what I could remember.. but please, test it and tell me if I did something wrong. I made lods; highest is around 60k polygons and verticles, middle around 20k, low 8-9k.
So, two diferent cars are here:

[REPLACE] version is for Regina. My first idea was Pigalle. But .. it seems that "sport classic" cannot be replace by 4 seaters. As it has roof mods new idea was based on convertible car.Later, I realized, my DS cannot handle Pigalle's
handling. So I switched to Regina. Old car, also roof modifications ( as extras), yellow lights. Result is 4seaters that spowns random as sedan, and "handmade" topless car. Side windows you can remove with manyoo.

[ADD-ON] version is done other way. Two-seater, cabrio, but also spawns as the sedan with fake rear doors.In this version I succeed to find way for windows. Windows spown only if there is a roof. No roof - no windows:)
This is faster car ( Regina is slow) and as two-doors cabrio based, I listed it under "Sport Classic" cars.

Interior of both cars is 2ndary color, so you can play with it as well... no other tuning parts, but you will see, it is not boring.

And, yes, BTW, it is part of my childhood too. Believe it or not, from 1960 Citroen had factory in EX-Yugoslavia (Koper, Slovenia ) and this was the common car on croatian roads too.
We called it "Frog" or "Shark". Of course, it was not ordinary car for ordinary working class, but for, let's say "meritorious, creditable and worthy members of the only party "

That''s it - have fun, Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Sretan Božić... and see you in happy new year:)

Naj Potez
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