Cheval Surge Arrester [Add-On] 2.2

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Back in the 2000s, if you wanted an eco-affordable car, your only option was the boring Karin Dilettante where driving it made you look like an idiot. Then Cheval takes the world by storm with the Surge, but with fancy parts like it's glass roof made it closer to a Coil in price then the Dilettante it was supposed to dethrone and unusable as a fleet and utility vehicle. So Cheval came with the Surge Arrester, a cheaper version with a metal roof, perfect for budget friendly customers and fleet use.

Do not re-upload without author's permission. Do not use the mod for commercial, financial or personal gain. Please note me if you want to use the model for a FiveM server. If you are interested in using the model from this mod, feel free to contact me.

This is a version of the Surge with the glass roof replaced by a metal roof, which is also colorable, it is essentially the low-end version of the Surge. Everything works, including bullet holes on the roof.

- surge2

- Rockstar Games - Original models
- TheF3nt0n - Model edits
- Eddlm - Handling
- bravo_1_charlie - Description and light textures
- Sealyx - Screenshots

- 1.0 - Initial release
- 2.0 - Fixed a few bugs, replaced the chrome parts with plastic ones and changed the wheels and some lights to make the car more appropriate as a low-end version
- 2.1 - Fixed a few more bugs, changed some plastic parts to be colorable
- 2.2 - Changed the door handles, window frames to plastic and changed the front grill
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