Boeing E-767 [Add-On] 1.0

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Hey guys, here i am with something else than civilian jets. I was able to create the E-767 out off my 767-200 that was created out off skylines 767-300ER mod

The Boeing E-767 is an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft. It was designed in response to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's requirements, and is essentially the Boeing E-3 Sentry's surveillance radar and air control system installed on a Boeing 767-200.

The base airframe for E-767 is that of a 767-200ER, Boeing designation 767-27C. (The "7C" designation is the Boeing customer code for the JASDF). The 767 airframe offers about 50 percent more floor space and nearly twice the volume of the 707 on which the E-3 is based. The mission electronics equipment are installed in forward cabin to balance the weight with the rotodome mounted above the aft fuselage. The aft cabin contains the crew's rest area, galley, and lavatory.

(Skyline also made an Boeing E3 mod, be sure to check that out)

This model is an adjusted version of the Boeing 767-200 mod by me that is also an adjusted version of the boeing 767-300ER mod from SkylineGTRfreak
I added the big radar on top off the aircraft, and i ediited small parts off the wings. This model features all the same features as Skyline's model:
- working flaps
- working spoilers
- working doors
- other working control surfaces
- and retractable gear

This model comes with only one livery, JASDF.
although this model is supported for multi livery so feel free to create some!

The textures for this plane are the same as the 767-300 mod, only with cuts in parts off the fuselage.

This model will be locked as its skyline mod and he had it also locked.

Feel free to upload liveries for it, just mention the model with me and skyline as author in the description

Credits and special thanks to:
- FoxUnitOne, for learning me how to mod and learning me the base features
of Zmodeler
- SkylineGTRfreak, for granting permission to make a 767-200 out of his -300
providing me automatically with the model of the -300
- Elope, for testing the mod ingame, making some cool screens of it, creating the JASDF livery, suggesting this plane and writing the meta files for the plane

I wanna thank you guys so much for letting me get so close to the whole modding experience.

I have some cool projects awaiting ahead so stay tuned for that.
(RJ/BAE 146 series)
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