LSPD Tried & Tested Pack [Addon/.OIV] [DISCONTINUED] 3.0


“3, 5, 21, Officer Nolan, you care to guess what these numbers represent?”

So you crashed your squad car, your supervisor is not impressed, and neither is the motor pool. Luckily though, the LSPD maintains a variety of older cars that although may still be in active service, rarely see much use, besides when rookies like you can’t clear your goddamn intersections properly and ruin a perfectly good Scout. Well, here’s the list, I’d say take your pick, but you and I both know you’re just lucky not to be out on foot beat.

Included Vehicles:

Vapid Stanier (police6f, police6g)
Okay, not so bad, good engine, built like a tank, certainly better than anything else on this list. It’s also not a bad ride, really, for short spells. Just try and hike your belt up so you don’t slump and do your back in.

Vapid Stanier Retro (police6c)
Again, could be worse, it’s damn old, sure, but the LCPD were still using these not five years ago, and again, body on frame, so if your prone to crashing cars, which you just might be if you’re here, then you’ll survive a few knocks. Don’t damage the chrome and it looks halfway decent as well.

Declasse Alamo PPV (police6h)
Maybe they think you’re accident-prone and they’d rather give you something that’s practically impossible to destroy, given how big and bulky it is. At least you’re sat up straight, and it’s so damn massive that if you get rammed you likely won’t even notice.

Vapid Trek (police6i)
You might recognise this, it’s probably the car that winched your wrecked Scout out from the back end of that Issi you T-boned. To be fair though, this actually used to be desirable, like 15 years back, when car makers were just about figuring out that SUVs could actually be halfway decent.

Declasse Granger Retro (police6e)
It’s a massive thing SWAT used to use back in the late 90’s that has about as much use in a pursuit as a shopping cart with a stolen safe in it, and the chances that the A/C still works in it is questionable to say the least.

Declasse Merit (police6a, police6b, police6d)
Either the motor pool really doesn’t like you, or your station really doesn’t have much else left. The Merit is uh, boxy, big, and well, people didn’t like it much back in 2005, so they don’t much like it now either. I’d say this is as bad as it gets, but well, at least you can fit in it.

Declasse Premier (police6)
This is why all brass should have a 20 year patrolman with them whenever they make any important decisions. The person who bought these must’ve been in a wheelchair when they were checking them out. It’s too small, so unless you’re a 5’2 woman with the body of your average soviet political prisoner, then you probably can’t even sit in the thing.

Ten new cars total, with working glass, dials, LODs, slicktop options for three, and more component extras than I can count. I can’t count past like, six, but that’s not really the point.

New in V3.0
Added Declasse Alamo PPV, courtesey of IlayAyre and actuallyтoхιc.
Added Vapid Trek, courtesey of tall70 and IlayAyre, along with others.
Made Spotlights actually work, and move. (It's as cool as it sounds.)
Gave several cars paintable interiors. (This is also really cool.)
Redid all interior equipment, courtesey of Nacho, 11john11 and others.
Made extensive model changes and improvements to various cars, most notably the Staniers.
Updated Arjent lightbar and fixed deformation on MX7000.
Replaced Granger Traffic Advisor, courtesey of JacobMaate and Voit Turv.
Made all vehicles use paint regions and transparent liveries.

Open OpenIV, enable edit mode, and simply drag and drop the .oiv package anywhere to start the installer. This will uninstall any previous versions of this pack, so be careful I guess.

Credits: These names are in no particular order, and detailed credits can be found Here. If I missed anyone, please let me know.
11john11, Fenton, Vx5 Voltage, IlayAyre, Voit Turv, EddIm, actuallyтoхιc, Bozza, JacobMaate, bravo_1_charlie, Skitty, Dani02, GCT, NefariousBonne, AlexanderLB, _cp_, w/, stryfaar, MaxBaxman, grmpls, MyCrystals!, Lt. Caine, deadman23, ghostriderpt, Nacho, tall70, PNWParksfan
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