2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing [Add-On | Animated] 1.0

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||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|| Patreon ||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||

This Blackwing was primarily released on my Patreon in September
🎶 Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember ? 🎶 - Cough Cough excuse me. anyway !
September yeah.

To get HarvinoiiD's cars join his patreon (, become a V12 contributor and receive immediately up to 30 car mods already available,the latest car mods and 2 new car mods each months.

Thank you to all my Contributors.

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|| 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing ||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||

3D main Model CSB (CSR2)
Conversion from scratch by me HarvinoiiD.

Features :
*HQ exterior, Interior
*HQ mirror reflections
*Working digital dials (lifelike), dash & steering wheel
*All lights functioning properly
*Breakable glass and lights
*Hands on steering wheel
*Custom handling
*Animated mirror (Hold D-pad right or H to unfold mirror)
*Animated Head-Up Display
*Glass shards
* Paint mutli-zone
*Folding mirrors

|lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI changelog |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

Version 1.0
- Release

||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Installation |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

1. Go to update/update.rpf/common/data,
Find dlclist.xml,
Right click and select Edit
Add this line in Paths section

press save

2. Make a folder named "HarvinoiiDBlackwing" , in update/x64/dlcpacks
drag and drop inside the dlc.rpf from the file you downloaded.

3. Start the game, spawnname: ct5vbw22


||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI Bug Report's politics |II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II||||lI|II|||

Feel free to report all bugs you find related to the conversion, or the texturing.
Start your message by

[BUG] : describe the bug
[URL] : screenshot of the bug if necessary

( Don't post : * car don't have sound or *handling is bad or *my game crash in loading)

I will try to fix at ten bugs or each month

Please DO NOT EDIT the car without my permission. Thank you!
Please DO NOT SELL the car without my permission. Thank you!
Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD my mods on other sites. Thank you!
Please DO NOT TRADE my mods on other sites. Thank you!
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