1999 Vapid STD Thunder [Add-On] 1.1.2


Introducing the 1999 Vapid Thunder brought to you by Vapid's Special Tuning Division (STD). What does this have to offer over the regular Sadler you may ask? Well, only a big a** supercharger paired with vapid's Modual 5.4l engine! The folks at STD also Widened the wheelbase and body for extra style. They also lowered it on a dominator suspension system, ready for any racetrack. Don't forget the dual exhaust pipes and the chin spoiler!

1.Put the Thunder folder in mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/
2.Go to update.rpf/common/data and find dlclist.xml
3.right-click dlclist.xml and click edit
4.Add this line (remove the commas) "dlcpacks:\thunder\"
5.Save it
If done correctly, the mod should work in game. Spawn it manually using the name "thunder"

What's new (update 1.1.2):
Revamped handling entirely (brakes and steers way better, better top speed/acceleration, etc)

What's new (update 1.1.1):
Fixed corrupt model

What's new (update 1.1):
Shortened Bed
Added proper collisions
Changed Rims
Added LODS
Fixed Extra 4 (roll cage) Clipping Issues
Raised Suspension
Tweaked Handling
Fixed Front Right wheel position

I may not update this for a while because I'm having issues exporting models from Zmodeler now. I'll be sure to update when this issue gets resolved.

Windows do not break (I know how to fix this, but the model glitches out in game)
Thunder badges are hard to read (too small/dark)
Extra 2 (spoiler) has a buggy texture
Extra 4 (roll cage) was accidentally assigned under the Extra 2 dummy
Minor interior flaws

Enlarge Badges
Fix Extra 2 (spoiler)
Take Extra 4 (roll cage) out of Extra 2 (spoiler) dummy (when my exporting bug gets fixed)
Make windows breakable
Add tuning parts (they're extras for now)
Add Flareside Variant
Change Wheels
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