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  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    thanks. for now there is no way to do so. i had to make those settings available in the ini file...

    formation_spacing sets the distance to the player. the smaller the value, the closer the peds are to the player.
    what about setting it to 2.5 ?

    the values for the ped_formation means this:
    0: Default
    1: Circle Around Leader
    2: Alternative Circle Around Leader
    3: Line, with Leader at center
    4: Unknown
    >4: Will be ignored by SET_GROUP_FORMATION

    17 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @TheKerberos ok, thanks for the info. for now just send the peds away (B key) before loading a savegame.

    9 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @rexxmt Glad its working now. Its wirtten in the comments in the ini file now...

    7 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @rexxmt changing keybindings works fine here.
    just make sure the asi and the ini file both are in the root folder of your game installation.

    7 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    next update will bring female voice for female player models and aim + button to have specific peds follow you.
    think the mod will be pretty complete then...

    4 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @Itzhak880 i agree, a menu would be nice... but it would take me days, even if i´d use the menu from the menyoo source.
    so its not going to happen anytime soon... if ever...
    depending on what you do with the mod, you wont need many of the shortcuts and you can even disable the ones you never use. i guess other modders would have made a couple of different mods out of this instead of packing it all in one mod ;p

    4 augusti 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @rasia press "k" 4 times...

    29 mars 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @Skyrelt not sure i understand the problem...
    right now, if u play as a cop (player uses cop model) your police pals wont aggro other police or swat,
    as long as you set no_cops=2 and cop_never_wanted=1

    27 februari 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @JD8122 sounds like an order... :o

    19 februari 2022
  • 16b120 zavatar neu 300

    @hayden9262go mobile radio is switche off with Y.
    This mod doesnt start any animations when aiming...
    Seems there is some interference with other mods.
    Try without any other mods except trainer.

    16 februari 2022