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  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    @FTP Bro, are dials working on this bike

    23 april 2020
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    @ATRO_ONE How can you say that the dials are working? I cannot see any dial moving in the speedo.
    Is it just me or others are facing the same problem too?
    Please lemme know if any line in vehicles.meta needs changing.
    5 star when this gets fixed. Overall this is a very amazing bike to ride. :)

    22 oktober 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    @ikt Hope if this helps....
    1. Game crashing right after installing speedo/fuel.
    Solution: Make sure you have a consistent internet connection.
    I faced the same issue after updating some other mod. Connecting my laptop to the network solved the issue.

    2. Empty... something something missing error?
    Solution: Copy and Paste empty.png included in the old brands folder and you're good to go!

    Request to @ikt:
    Please consider integrating these features...
    1. Seperate fuel tank capacity for all vehicles.
    2. Different mileage for every vehicle.
    3. Petrol/Gasoline for Cars, Diesel for SUVs and heavy vehicles. Charging Stations for electric vehicles.
    4. Persistent fuel. Like when I save a game, and resume it the next day, we'll pick up where we left off. ;)
    5. Animation for refueling.

    Would appreciate it if you consider these points. ♥️

    6 oktober 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    @Abolfazldanaee hahahha... Agreed!

    I do remember a modder created a script of active spoiler for gta4... Just like that if someone would be able to make a script to override spoiler settings of gta5... We'll be celebrating it until GTA6 hits up!

    12 september 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    Amazing!!! I wish if that spoiler worked as in real life... shit I'll be crazily amazed!!!

    12 september 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738


    if this guy's smart, he'll know that this is the only portofino which is ACTIVELY convertible.... Convertible cars are rare man!!!

    What makes a good modding author is the one who actively gives attention to the response on his mods and make necessary changes to make it better. He needs to fix the steering wheel to earn the respect of his audience.
    Else it would be a matter of time until people start ignoring his work!

    Plus, who doesn't want a Convertible Ferrari capable of doing 199 mph in their garage?
    It would be shame of such ride goes to waste!

    14 juni 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    @yanfenglenfan Oh... I just checked... It's not a street legal car....
    Someone should make a mod... Like when the car passes through the streets in front of the cops, wanted level will be raised by 1 star!... Such cars will be included and controlled through an ini file... Just an idea if any modder is watching this!!!!

    10 juni 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    Hey... does it has SA License Plate???

    10 juni 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    Had regera going crazy with my personal realistic handling mod... This balanced that!

    I have an idea... Can you customise this mod to be vehicle specific? with an ini file where we can enter model name and traction control option would be available for that and only that vehicle only... along with support for add-on cars.
    For example, if we make an entry of "adder" in the ini file, adder will now have traction control option that could be turned on with a touch of a button. Just as in real life!!!

    Lemme know if you can do this.

    6 juni 2019
  • C7d499 img 20190408 234119 738

    Hey, @Yoha @Dewalk28 @陸海涵 @Elope
    I understand you said this to be the last version,
    But there's a new Map LordCity that promises to connect your Akina Map mod in coming future. Are you the guys who will edit and update it or @jin007 (the author of LordCity) will do it? Please lemme know.

    27 maj 2019