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    am i missing something? cause there's no config file (.ini) in the ZIP. and the mod doesnt work anymore.

    4 april 2018
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    @lucasvinbr hey man! thank you!!! i think it would be nice to have color setting for each member entry but for the whole gang would be fine (but if the custom gang hasdarker toned characters, having brown or blonde hair and eyebrow colors would be unatural) cheers and awesome mod, again.

    2 april 2018
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    @lucasvinbr hello! so sorry about my previous post, it turns out that i can add as many MP model variants that i want, my theory is it just checks for their "head features" and "Overlays" like blemishes ect ect.

    but im not so sure, maybe they also need to have really distinct wardrobes for the code to not be confused with them.

    and i see! im trying to dig into the xml files but i have no knowledge of all these codes sadly..
    i'm just now trying to figure out how i can stop the variants from having crazy colored hair because it's breaking the immersion so much ;-; i hope you can help me or shed some light into how i can edit the gangdata. cheers man!

    2 april 2018
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    @lucasvinbr Hey man, i've got a question, but im gonna tell you first what my situations is,

    1. I tried to play around GaT with Object Spooner from Menyoo,
    2. I started to use MP male models as base, customize outfit and facial features, and then save these changes as an outfit file for me to choose from in Menyoo's Wardrobe setting in (Player settings)
    3. i could Shift+B and recruit them to my gang pool, (i was able to put about 3 MP model variations into it, althought i made 6 "outfits")
    4. but after adding the 3 variants. I got "There is already a similar model in your gang", which means i cannot add the remaining 3 variants into my gang pool.

    Problem1: i cannot add anymore MP character variants into my gang pool. i was thinking if there could be a way to get around this?
    Problem2: The 3 variants i was able to put in the gang pool seems stable, and the skin varies, but that also means the hair color changes from normal ones to hipster ones (very bright colors), is there a way to stop that from happening? (at least for the hair, beard and eyebrow color)

    I know it is a lot, but i think there is a lot of potential for this kind of approach in playing your mod, i was really looking forward to customizing the whole thing and making the variants for all the gangs, and eventually upload it here on GTA-V mods. so im wondering what you think of this, and if you could integrate a fix for this? regardless and on another note, awesome mod!!! more power to you man.

    you can drop me an email i can contact you through @ if you want to hear more about this idea. cheers!

    1 april 2018