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    @CustomAmelia Hi, glad you like it. I noticed the gore thing too. I think it might be an engine limitation (or perhaps they bled out lol), and there isn't a straightforward way of changing how it works. A custom gore mod might solve it, but I've not tried that. If I do come across a simple way to implement it, I'll be happy to include it in this script as an option

    9 mars 2022
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    @ReNNie my bad, updated the description

    8 mars 2022
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    @func_npc Hi, there is a default limit of 50 corpses and 5 minutes to despawn in the config, so that this doesn’t happen. Unfortunately it seems like version 1 didn’t properly load the config and never actually despawned the corpses. Version 2 fixes that, but it’s still pending admin approval. I don’t know if I’m allowed to link to Nexus on here, but it’s already approved/updated over there, under the same name if you want to update right away

    7 mars 2022
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    Hey everyone, just letting you know that version 1 has some issues. Version 2 is currently pending admin approval, so stay tuned.

    6 mars 2022