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    This Is an essential Mod
    proposed edits:
    -adjust default scan so PEDS pop up on radar from farther away
    -correct english grammar notifications (if you email me i'll correct all that)
    - black/whitescreen upon KO
    -Default (built in) controller support (essential)
    -notfications dont always pop up for PEDs but always for cops (for me)
    - a way to bring yourself out of ragdoll or KO status (I.E adrenaline shot, or just ignoring the pain thur grit) perhaps button mashing or hitting the "wake up" "adrenaline" key before passing a certain pain or damage threshold
    -default health bars
    -Accuracy ranges depending on the PED class (i.e cops aim btter than thugs, merchs are better than cops, military better than them, etc)
    - Lower Headshot % (keep it as essentially instant death w/o helmet but lower the chances cops aim there?)
    - WANTED lvl doesnt go away when KOed - cops go until they kill you, you escape while awake, or use menyoo
    -expand damage capacity of all armor allowing for a "extended firefight" I/e more PLAYER health but making it better armor is more immersive than just giving more health

    just some thoughts. I am playing w/ this mod as is!!

    Ps. Remove the discontinued note, this mod is swell

    21 december 2023
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    (you rock sir/mam) Was working - Booting up now!

    Will circleback to by EOD.
    but lets be honest, this is amazing coding and RockStar needs to hire you/buy this code and make a "realism or Soulslike" mode

    GSW 1.0 Lets go!!!!

    20 december 2023
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    I am beyond excited - will def try the 1st release on github can while fervently waitng the full release.

    Thank you for making gtav fun (that git gud realism) again!

    16 december 2023
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    Hey just wanted to pop by and se ehow the update ws coming.
    Very excited for GSW3

    ps. I'm having issues making this work 100% w/ RDE. PED critical information isnt showing and my health bar isnt adjusting when damaged. Not sure if that edited my meta/pedhealth file but im gonna try swapping in some old files to see what happens.

    Happy Holidays mate, cheers

    16 december 2023