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  • Trevor

    All's working on my end. Every ped model, every vehicle that might have a seatbelt. Although sometimes I would have to reload my scripts in the console.

    A suggestion - the seatbelt chime should play on engine start as well, not only after unfastening.

    24 januari 2022
  • Trevor

    Also - The hotkey change doesn't work. It's stuck on L

    23 januari 2022
  • Trevor

    You should add draw/holster sound effects, could be neat but tedious. Good job!

    22 januari 2022
  • Trevor

    I'm getting a script error when getting into a vehicle

    11 november 2021
  • Trevor

    The update is awaiting approval - I've added loose files and an alternate awc for those with a clean "vehicles.awc" file who want the mod, but with stock gearbox sounds. Enjoy folks!

    9 november 2021
  • Trevor

    Sorry guys I had the loose files ready I just forgot to put them in the rar LMAO. "Hotfix" coming up in the next hour!

    9 november 2021
  • Trevor

    This is really well done. Have you thought about doing a mod with the same concept except you're equipping ballistic armor, backpacks, etc?

    14 april 2021
  • Trevor

    I still can't pick up the bag after taking it off. I mash E and nothing happens. I've reinstalled the game AND the mod several times and I still can't get this to work. It's a brilliant idea, but Jesus Christ man your code is messy. The only way I can get my bag back, is if I call the dealer and buy one that way. Even then, if I use the "bag menu" the position of the bag get's stuck in the player's right hand.

    28 april 2020
  • Trevor

    Update: It seems like it's literally tied to my save game. I can edit "weaponstash.xml" and give the characters the bag that way, however I can't equip it after I take it off. Franklin can remove the bag, but he puts another one on immediately. This makes a new bag spawn at the character's feet and every time I select "remove bag" it just removes the previous bag on the ground and moves it to the my current location. Your mods all have a great concept, but they need a lot of work. Are you sure your script isn't dependent on a file you didn't include?
    I've also tried a fresh install - nothing.

    31 januari 2020
  • Trevor

    Found another bug... I took the bag off to play tennis with Amanda, and now I can't put it back on. The prompt comes up, I've spammed the button to pick it up, but nothing. I can still use everything else besides the actual bag itself. The bag DOES work with other characters, but Michael still can't pick his bag up.

    Also, you may want to consider making the "drop bag on ragdoll" a toggle feature. I've found it can make it really hard to pick the bag back up.

    30 januari 2020