SeatBeltV (Controller Support + Configureable) 2.4 (Fixed sry!)

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• Introducing SeatBeltV
This is a simple Seatbelt mod called "SeatbeltV" it makes you able to toggle and untoggle your seatbelt. To Toggle SeatBelt The Default Key Is U (Can Be Customized in the ini file)
For controller the button is Dpad-UP

- 1.You cant be dragged out of vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- 2. You Cant Exit The vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- 3. warning Sounds / Chime Sounds (Can Be Configured In
The Ini File)
- 4. You Cant Fall Out of the vehicle while the seatbelt is on
- 5. Configureable Keys in the ini file
- 6. High Quality Logos And Sounds
- 7. Controller Supoort (Can Be Configured In The Ini File)
- 8. Automatic Seatbelt (Can Be Configured In The Ini File)
- 9. Different Logo Options Can Be Configured In the Ini File
- 10. Different logos you can choose in the ini file'
- 11. Edit size and logo for the seatbelt in the ini file
- 12.Edit Audio Volume For Seatbelt & Chime Sounds In ini file
- 13. Chimes For Cars Is Made Like Real Life Scenarios It only
- 14. Starts If You Are Driving The Car Not if You are Stopped.
- 15. toggleable seatbelt warning system
- 16. You cant toggle seatbelt while using phone

•Toggle Keys
- Controller support = D-pad Up!
- For keyboard the default key is U but can be manually be customized in ini file!

How To Reload Script
- press F4
- Type "Reload()" Remember The big R!

• Not Compatible Mods
-Manual Transmission works with this mod, but the animations does not!

• Requirements-
ScripthookV and

• Installation Help-

- First You Need To Have ScriptHookV & In
Your GTAV Root Folder
-You Need NativeUI Which You Can Download On

- if you are not using Controller support set controller support to false in the ini file or the ] key Will Toggle the seatbelt

• Change log -

1.0 -

1.1 -
-Controller support (Toggle SeatBelt is DpadDown)
-added configureable key which can be adjusted in the ini file
-Player cant exit vehicle with seatbelt on
-New animation for toggle and untoggle seatbelt
-made other small improvements

Small Improvements

-Reloaded The Whole Script And Recreated It
-Automatic Seatbelt Which Can be toggled on and off in the ini file
-Chime sounds which also can be toggled on and off in the ini file
-Fixed Bug Were The Whole Script Crashes
-Fixed Bug Were You Player Fall Out Of Windshield with seatbelt on

-Fixed animation were the player stands up.
-Added Option In Ini File To Change To a Different Logo Option
-Fixed Chime Sound Playing When You Exit The Vehicle
-Switched Controller Button To Enable Seatbelt To Dpad-Up

-added option in ini file were you can enable/disable logos
-added option ini file were you can enable disable/enable
-added Custom position for the seatbelt logo in ini file
-added option were you can adjust the size of the seatbelt logo in ini file

-Edited When The Chime Sound Plays - Now It Only Activates When You are Driving The Vehicle, When you are stopped with the car it does not play like in real life for some vehicles

-Added Options In Ini FIle Were You Can Custize The Audios Volume Such As the ChimeSounds and The Seatbelt Sounds

-Changed One of The Seatbelt Logos To A Much better color
.Converted Audio Files To MP3

- Made a Debuging Nofications system that notifies you when you dont have all the files installed and can help you, and it prevents crashes now & scripts problem

- fixed sound troubling
- removed seatbelt from trains
-chime starts on engine start when driving (before it only starts and stops if you fasten seatbelt)
- made a toggleable seatbelt warning system ( look in ini file)
-made the chime sound last much longer for a more realistic experience
-fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash
- changed controller button to d-pad down

2.0 -
-made 2 more Seatbelt Sounds To Choose From
-made 2 more Chime Sounds To Choose From

- the chime sound wont play if your engine is off

- Fixed Controller support -

- Fixed A BIG ISSUE Script not working when switching character.
- For Realism You cant toggle and untoggle seatbelt while using phone
I Recoded THE WHOLE script for this and now its much better for immersive play for you guys!

- Fixed multiple bugs such as ini config not working correctly & removing logos on cutscenes!
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