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    @defiant Srry for delay. Thanks for your vote and and really glad you enjoy.

    @Drakan srry for delay. Glad you found a fix. um thanks for the vote and download.
    As I am not a 'coder' myself, I wouldn't know how to include your options. I simply expanded the original authors work, with his permission. Hope you enjoy, regardless. thanks again.

    26 maj 2023
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    @defiant Make a copy.
    In the file, after UI set Blips, almost in the middle of the next lot of code is a line ;-
    finalPrice = - (VEHICLE GET VEHICLE ENGINE HEALTH(playerVehicle) - 1000) + 5127
    the last figure, '5127' in this case, determines the price value. (I found leaving the '1000' is best)
    Below that, you can increase or decrease the 'Fade in - Fade out' times to your needs. within the ( )
    Below that you can replace the onscreen text to your liking (within the ' ' )

    Thanks for your question and big thanks for your rating

    1 november 2022
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    @shamim4s - Thanks very much for your comment and very glad you like the Mod. But, you are testing my memory, lol.
    Short answer, that particular version (66) was a compromise between;
    1.My ability of understanding, of this, 'inherited mod' and my desire to expand the options.
    2. In that version (66) I tried 'the colour coding of blips' (Road, Sea, Air) at the sacrifice of names in the list.
    ... lol (ambition v ability)
    3. I discovered, 'online', and have only just dropped in today, to see what is happening.

    *Massive thanks to the original Author, who gave me permission to Expand.

    25 oktober 2022
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    I just downloaded this new (scripthook) and (OPENIV) update, ON EPIC {yesterday} and all works fine.
    Below is MY previous 'must haves' - I hope it helps. - LAST ONE IS KEY


    Great tools

    MY RECOMMENDATIONS OF MUST HAVES - solves a lot of problems having these in.


    GAMECONFIG Installation path :
    Mods/Update/update.rpf/common/data/ back up your gameconfig then change whichever you want.

    GTAV main game directory

    Move the LUA.asi in the GTA5 Folder where the ScriptHookV.dll is located
    Place the scripts folder in the GTA 5 Folder
    Add any Scripts you want into the scripts/addins folder

    Simply drop PackfileLimitAdjuster.asi and PackfileLimitAdjuster.ini into your Grand Theft Auto V folder.

    Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the game's main folder, i.e. where GTA5.exe is located.

    copy the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll and ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll files into your game directory.

    Copy to scripts folder - create, it if you don't have

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    29 januari 2022
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    @Pursuit - and let me add, it may have had nothing to do with your Mod, as back in those days, I didn't understand that some Mods used in game, ALSO need updating, after GTAV /skripthook updates.

    12 oktober 2021
  • 44ec30 rambosmother profile pic

    @Pursuit - Glad you like it - you are more than welcome.
    To your question - I too initially, had some of the problems, like others have mentioned.(deleted Mods)
    So since, I did that as a reminder, to backup the current Mod proifiles, before update (incase). Not knowing for sure, if the updates overide the 'seleceted profile'. - (Had no problems since - switch to vanilla, then update)
    AND lol, I've got limited data.(Habit)

    12 oktober 2021
  • 44ec30 rambosmother profile pic

    Freshened up 'my hood' - thanks - keep up the great work!

    8 oktober 2021
  • 44ec30 rambosmother profile pic

    @JustDancePC -Did you read 'the description' ?
    to remove trains set DeleteTrains to true in EnhancedTrains.ini
    to make trains stop at obstical, set TrainsStoponObstructed to true in EnhancedTrains.ini

    I just dropped in to say @HKH191 Damn!, you're 'prolific' - love your work. All of it. So much effort.
    Could you/would you, have time to help a, wanna be modder polish his(inherited) LUA script ?

    8 oktober 2021
  • 44ec30 rambosmother profile pic

    @Pursuit - Just uploaded a dedicated video 'of how to' use your great Mod (Pending your approval)
    Please feel free to use it as you wish (please double check my accuracy) .... Just a little thankyou for such a great Mod!
    It may help the newbies. Keep up your great work! and fantastic 'aftermarket service' - Thanks, again!

    8 oktober 2021
  • 44ec30 rambosmother profile pic

    @adopcalipt Fantastic Mod! Love it!
    - I am going to put it in a standalone profile using . Mainly due to a couple of apparent clashes.
    1st with 'pull me over (cop mod)' lmfao! while doing the convict mission.
    2nd - A random street fight caused a mission fail in street race, though I could still see and steal the other F1 cars. roflmao!
    So to do you, and your fantastic work, justice, I will run separately to really give it a good go. (Almost like onlie = offline)
    Also, loved the carsteal/barge mission (really had me in a nic cage moment) but would luv it longer. It is GTA after all.

    Keep up the great work!

    24 augusti 2021