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    @Blomky Hi! You mean the launcher successfully removes all mods from your game when you select the "Vanilla" profile but doesn't move them back when you select your original modded profile?

    2 april 2023
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    @amjithkshine Arf, the launcher wasn't meant to be put inside the game's directory. I should've implemented contre-mesures to prevent the launcher from working in such an environment.

    I'm guessing rebooting your system didn't help? Can you try to delete everything that's in the folder, and *then* the folder (and do that recursively if you can't delete some of the subfolders?)

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience, I'll keep this in mind for the next update

    31 januari 2023
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    @amjithkshine Hi! Which folder are you trying to delete? Does restarting your computer help (it usually does fix ghost file/folder related issues)?

    30 januari 2023
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    @mra16 You're welcome :)

    25 januari 2023
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    @mra16 Hi! I built the latest version of the launcher with .NET 5. It seems .NET 5+ is not backwards compatible at all, so you probably need to have .NET 5 on your system:

    25 januari 2023
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    @Civilian02 Hey, what's the problem? It still works fine on my end

    31 augusti 2022
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    @just Gesha I'm happy to hear you like it :)
    I've started migrating my applications to .NET 6, and to a new UI framework, called Avalonia. So yeah, eventually I guess I'll also update the launcher ^^

    25 juli 2022
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    @Teej18 Indeed. This is mainly why I created this launcher: to remove all mods from my game when I went online

    3 maj 2022
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    @toxicfox2491 You shouldn't go online with any mods, even if they're only related to performance.

    12 mars 2022
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    @Saeo That could be an interesting feature to have. However, the launcher's meant to address a slightly different use case.
    If I understood correctly, you're suggesting that the launcher uses a single mod pool, and allows you to create different profiles that each use a different subset of these mods. Such a behavior won't allow you to use the launcher as extensively as you can use it today. For example, you wouldn't be able to have several profiles that each use a different version of the same mod, and, generally speaking, you wouldn't be able to create truly independent profiles.

    On the other hand, the launcher as it is today allows you to create modded profiles independently from each other, the only thing they have in common being the actual game. The end result is that you can do exactly the same things you could do with several hard copies of the game (provided they would all use the same version of GTA V), without actually having to allocate the disk space that would be necessary to hold all of these copies.

    13 februari 2022