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    If there is any way you can disable blips all together on the map, and make that an option I would be eternally grateful, many people looking to disable blips for immersion.

    3 juni 2018
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    Would absolutely donate to the cause of updating this mod. Just removing the camera for realism, and just update the mod, and good to go. I like to use this mod for "Laser Radar", if I want to get cars speed to my side, this mod allows a much more tactical view of the car's speed, while looking too the left or right with the window down. Please consider @Guadmaz

    2 november 2017
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    Just want you to know, personally, that I appreciate this work, and I will be donating to you, in SERIOUS HOPES, that you will continue to keep this up to date.

    24 maj 2017
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    Well when I get home and download this mod, I will be wanting to play lspdfr on multiplayer. If this is stable enough, I think Cyson has an lspdfr server, not sure if that's his name. I will be on around 7 if anyone wants to get a role play going. Again, not sure if this is stable enough yet

    Thank you so much @guadmaz for doing what you do. Hopefully some day I can get with you to learn, so I can help with some of the workload

    8 december 2015
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    Hey man, I have been working hard to try and learn modding, finally bought a Caprice and BAM you just put one up haha. So I am going to stop trying to learn all of this stuff, but is there any way you can make a marked white version of this with a lightbar on top?

    30 oktober 2015