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  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    Can you add siren sounds to this car?

    26 juni 2024
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    The texture for spoiler, skirts, vents, and bonnets are glitching. It looks like it is missing a blank texture.

    28 februari 2024
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    @Aquaphobic What mods do you use for increase driving experience? :)

    18 december 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    Hi Aquaphobic, I'm wondering if you used custom gear ratio and other mods to increase realism of driving?

    15 december 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    I'm actually curious, why is the gear ratio and top speed in your videos so realistic? In my game it is just low top speed and almost squeezed gear ratios. I tried to use custom gear ratio but that is also not improving much of it. If you can share your custom gear ratio of the car that will be perfect.

    14 december 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll ...
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading API from .\ScriptHookVDotNet3.dll ...
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading scripts from D:\SteamApps\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\scripts ...
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading assembly ClearScript.dll ...
    [11:03:02] [INFO] Found 0 script(s) in ClearScript.dll.
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading assembly MapEditor.dll ...
    [11:03:02] [INFO] Found 2 script(s) in MapEditor.dll resolved to API 2.11.2.
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Loading assembly NativeUI.dll ...
    [11:03:02] [INFO] Found 1 script(s) in NativeUI.dll resolved to API 2.11.2.
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Instantiating script MapEditor.JavascriptHook ...
    [11:03:02] [INFO] Started script MapEditor.JavascriptHook.
    [11:03:02] [DEBUG] Instantiating script MapEditor.MapEditor ...
    [11:03:08] [INFO] Started script MapEditor.MapEditor.
    [11:03:08] [DEBUG] Instantiating script NativeUI.BigMessageThread ...
    [11:03:08] [INFO] Started script NativeUI.BigMessageThread.

    It said this but the map editor is no where to be found when I press f7, the screen just got stuck for a while and nothing happend

    13 december 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    Hi, this is such a great mod. If you can for the next project, I'm highly interested in seeing shuto expressway in gta5, there is model right now in assetto corsa, but i think no one has converted it yet.

    15 augusti 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    @kritbualad Can you make Skadi from arknight? Also this mod is great :)

    24 maj 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    @toyota12345 Hello, I don't know if you are busy these days or not, I hope that you can update this mod so that the LS meeting is playable, because it will be fantastic, but right now it is still not working properly.

    16 april 2022
  • 3d5973 wechat image 20200327114752

    @V3ry_H1GH @toyota12345
    [13:58:36] [ERROR] Caught fatal unhandled exception:
    System.NullReferenceException: 未将对象引用设置到对象的实例。
    在 CarGarage.CarGarage.LS()
    在 CarGarage.CarGarage.onMainMenuItemSelect(UIMenu sender, UIMenuItem item, Int32 index)
    在 NativeUI.UIMenu.SelectItem()
    在 NativeUI.UIMenu.ProcessControl(Keys key)
    在 NativeUI.MenuPool.ProcessControl()
    在 NativeUI.MenuPool.ProcessMenus()
    在 CarGarage.CarGarage.OnTick(Object sender, EventArgs e)
    在 SHVDN.Script.MainLoop()
    [13:58:36] [ERROR] The exception was thrown while executing the script CarGarage.CarGarage.
    [13:58:36] [WARNING] Aborted script CarGarage.CarGarage.

    (There is actually some Chinese and if you guys can use google translate, please help me, thank you guys. This is the error I got from scripthookdotnet when I try to get into the LS meeting, and keep on loading)

    14 april 2022