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  • Gtao59

    @sjaak327 ok.nvm,i download ver11.7,i see changes from 11.6

    6 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    You misunderstood me, I know the key value of Q is 81. Your spawn vehicle options:
    Spawn1Key1=164 // Spawn 1 Default LALT
    Spawn1Key2=65 // Spawn 1 Default A
    Spawn2Key1=164 // Spawn 2 Default LALT
    Spawn2Key2=66 // Spawn 2 Default B
    Spawn3Key1=164 // Spawn 3 Default LALT
    Spawn3Key2=67 // Spawn 3 Default C
    Spawn4Key1=164 // Spawn 4 Default LALT
    Spawn4Key2=68 // Spawn 4 Default D
    Spawn5Key1=164 // Spawn 5 Default LALT
    Spawn5Key2=69 // Spawn 5 Default E
    Spawn6Key1=164 // Spawn 6 Default LALT
    Spawn6Key2=70 // Spawn 6 Default F
    Spawn7Key1=164 // Spawn 7 Default LALT
    Spawn7Key2=71 // Spawn 7 Default G
    Spawn8Key1=164 // Spawn 8 Default LALT
    Spawn8Key2=77 // Spawn 8 Default M
    Spawn9Key1=164 // Spawn 9 Default LALT
    Spawn9Key2=78 // Spawn 9 Default N
    Spawn10Key1=164 // Spawn 10 Default LALT
    Spawn10Key2=84 // Spawn 10 Default T
    Spawn11Key1=164 // Spawn 11 Default LALT
    Spawn11Key2=85 // Spawn 11 Default U
    Spawn12Key1=164 // Spawn 12 Default LALT
    Spawn12Key2=88 // Spawn 12 Default X

    It only reaches 12key. You said above that you can add Spawn20Key1 and Spawn20Key2 to disable W, so I asked you how to Spawn() Key2 to disable Q or other keys that are not written in your ini. It's not written in your documentation either.
    by the way, I just tested adding Spawn20Key1 and Spawn20Key2 and found that Q is prohibited, not W, so did you make a mistake somewhere?

    6 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    In fact, you don’t need to classify sp and mp. Yamp can run normally no matter which rpf it is placed in.

    8 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    @sjaak327 As for the rating, I initially gave it 5 stars.
    As for reading the documentation, I did read it carefully yesterday. My native language is not English, so it was a bit difficult to read. I didn't find the description of where to change W. Then I tried to add Spawn13Key1 and Spawn13Key2 myself to see if I could change it (although I know 99% invalid). Then yesterday I commented that you were too annoyed and asked you if there was a way to change it, but you didn't tell me the way, but said it's not a big deal.
    I really can't figure out why you don't add w and Q, but I also want to use your modifier, so I commented to seek a solution.
    I just read the documentation carefully again, and I really didn’t find Spawn20Key1, how to specify W. Can you tell me where the document describes it. For example, if you add Spawn20Key1 to your ini file, how do you define the number "20Key" in it as W? If I also want to change Q, how do I specify the key value?

    9 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    @Stifflerstiv I am not someone who plays games in English, but your mod displays the names of the basic weapons in the game in the language I use. But some DLC weapons, such as Heavy Sniper Mk II, are displayed in English. I checked your script and found that the name script of the basic weapon is the read weapon hash value: WT_SNIP_HVY, and the DLC weapon seems to be the name you wrote into the script. I don't know if what I said is right. Can you make all weapon names read weapon hashes so that they all show up in my language. Also, if the game is updated and the latest DLC weapons are updated, the names of the weapons will not be displayed. Is there a way for players to add the corresponding hash value of the weapon in the ini to name it? This can prevent subsequent updates from causing some weapon names to be unable to be displayed.

    10 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    @sjaak327 You think It's not a big deal, w is a key that everyone who plays video games 100% presses frequently. I have a module that switches the perspective. Pressing alt switches the camera because it is very convenient to press alt with your thumb. This is Intuitive to the hand. So when I'm driving or walking, I often trigger it by mistake. There is also a screenshot function that also uses alt. To be honest, your vehicle generation function is not as intuitive and convenient as menyoo. Using your modifier mainly uses other functions such as vehicle modification and character accessories modification to make it look intuitive and convenient. Since you have set up other functions that can modify Lalt+A, B, C...X. Why didn't you join W and Q alone? Many people around me who play gta5 mods don't like to use your trainer because of this problem of yours. Excellent mod may lose some users because of what some authors think are very minor problems. You've been updating for so long, wouldn't it be simple to add an option like this?or Did you miss these two buttons W and Q when you first made this modifier, so are you too lazy to find the code to modify it now? If so, then I won't comment further.

    10 timmar sedan
  • Gtao59

    Bro, why do you set alt+W to generate a vehicle, but there is no way to change it to other keys in the ini settings. Other keys such as Lalt+A, B, C.....X can change the key value. , but only alt+W cannot cancel it. Don’t you think it’s annoying that you always trigger the generated vehicle by mistake?please reply me don't skip me

    1 dag sedan
  • Gtao59

    What is the exact generation time of a hot air balloon? Which file can I modify to control its generation frequency

    2 dagar sen
  • Gtao59

    @sjaak327 Why not add a language file to better translate non English text into the text they want. I see that both Menyoo and Rampage have added this feature.

    2 dagar sen
  • Gtao59

    Bro, how to delete alt+w to generate a vehicle. It's always annoying to automatically generate vehicles

    2 dagar sen