the shack on the island north east of Grapeseed
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  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Great mod! Unfortunately, when run with RAGECOOP, it causes the game to crash. Perhaps remove the pause function from this mod, since your other mod and RAGECOOP both also add that? Or, this mod could be included with RAGECOOP, just like your other one.

    Also, when the map is fully zoomed out, it'd be nice if the map stayed focused on whichever map you're playing in. Useful for players with Cayo Perico, but also with maps like Liberty City, San Fierro/Las Venturas and others. Still though, fantastic work! I look forward to future development!

    6 dagar sen
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @Noireeee Hey, you still having this issue? I seem to be encountering it as well, where turning music volume down in the settings does nothing. You sure its caused by Script Hook V Dot Net here?

    3 maj 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @IAmJFry that's fantastic news! Looking forward to the update!

    13 april 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    @IAmJFry Amazing mod for playing in addon maps! I wish I had discovered it sooner. One issue though, it would seem that when I die the in-game time gets reset to midnight. It might be an issue with Better Chases+, as that also has a bit of a seizure when I die. I'm using the "Disables Script" version, if that helps. Thanks for your support, and for this awesome mod!

    12 april 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon


    25 mars 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Brilliant work! Works wonders, and GTACOOP:R's vehicle sync has always been it's best feature. I wonder if you could collaborate with @JustDancePC to add a survivals gamemode?

    21 mars 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Just the update I was waiting for. Thanks, man, fantastic work!

    24 februari 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    Hey man, I noticed that driving on snow gives you absolutely ZERO traction, and some cars like the Zion seem to actually gain momentum while sliding. Head out to North Yankton and give it a try in the snow fields, its pretty much impossible to drive. Thanks, great work as always!

    22 februari 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    ya boi zilch is still at it! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    11 februari 2022
  • A07bd8 square hydraxon

    That being said, this does indeed reduce if not fix crashes entirely when used in conjunction with the enable/disable map scripts. Excellent work!

    21 januari 2022