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    I don't know where you're getting the retail price. But you need to divide the cars into OG (Pre-PC release) and NG (Post PC) because that's when Rockstar split the economy. The OG cars have realistic prices for a similar car from 2013. The NG cars are inflated by 10x or 100x. You've also got an issue that stolen cars sold to chop shops sell for pennies on the dollar to the thief.

    Assume you get retail "value" from GTABase.
    So first, OG cars still have value=X
    NG cars have value/25 = X
    That equalizes the economic split, as best as possible.

    Then, X/Y = G (gross payout to thief). Where Y=10, but keep this variable you might want to tweak later. G-(calculated repair cost)=N (net payout to thief). So the thief gets a better payout to deliver an undented car.

    Some future features you might want to add:
    *Once Franklin owns the tow truck, he can "tag" a car remotely to be chopped. Once per game day.
    *The character that owns the scrap yard gets $250 per chopped car. This is easy to iplement as the game already has a count of "dead" cars per week just increment by 1.

    31 januari 2024
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    Where are you getting those prices? Online and Story have totally different economies. If you don't adjust prices there's no actual game.

    30 januari 2024
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    I don't know where I got the update. I thought it was here. I'll revert out to the 2018 version. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Dzięki, że jesteś tak uważny.

    25 januari 2024
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    WANTEDCAR0 = 15
    WANTEDCAR1 = 1
    WANTEDCAR2 = 187
    WANTEDCAR3 = 52
    WANTEDCAR4 = 280

    Where do those numbers come from? could you switch them to model names?

    You are still distributing ifruit2addon.dll from 2018 in your mod. Shizz is 6 years old and has been updated in their project.

    21 januari 2024
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    @fet0r I have all the requirements. Have you noticed that iFruit and Lemon have been updated? Have you tried your mod against them?

    19 januari 2024
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    latest version, no Vlad in the contacts list of the phones. Any way to call him by dialing the digits?

    10 januari 2024
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    Stopped working with the July 2022 update. Don't bother. A+ for effort when it did work it was kind of fun.

    9 december 2022
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    Every time I switch wardrobes I lose all my weapons. Yo.

    8 december 2022
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    This shouldn't let you sell cars unless you own it. There's a flag for that in the data structure. (Same rules as impound determine "own" - you've invested money in it, or garaged it.)
    For cars you don't own, it should let you chop shop it. $50 goes into the "Towing Impound cash" (there's a variable for this) , $50 goes into the Scrapyard cash (again, another variable), and 1% of the car value goes to the player.

    7 december 2022
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    @JSaxon Scripthook was updated for the July release. Your problem is that the game updated a few days ago.

    27 oktober 2022