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  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Hey, so I don't know why, but I followed all the instructions correctly and none of it is showing up in game, it's the same as it was before.

    26 september 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    This is AMAZING! This is perfect for a movie I'm trying to make, you did an awesome job, bro, keep it up!

    11 september 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    @ikt Just so you know, VStancer has a bug where it makes the landing gear wheels of any plane, vanilla or addon, float outside the plane when pulling the landing gear in. Just letting you know this bug is in the mod.

    10 september 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Yeah I tested it 2 days ago it just crashes your game

    8 september 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Does this work with newer versions of NVE? Specifically those where they don't include their own ENB? Can you add this ENB straight into the main game folder if the NVE version you're running didn't already include it?

    4 september 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Just wanted to ask a quick question. How do I replace the added on plates with another custom one?

    23 juli 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Does anyone know if some of my keys are changing the colors and modifications of my current car because of this mod?
    @ikt Sorry to bother you, but do you by any chance why my number keys and some letters are changing my cars appearance? And if yes, which mod do you think is doing that?

    21 juli 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Hey! I really enjoy this mod and have used it to make some cinematics of mine, but I do have a suggestion (if it is possible to pull off). Once someone records one of their laps, can you make it so that AI Traffic conveniently doesn't get in the way of the car's path so that they don't launch them or make them disappear? Also, is it possible to add vehicle damage to ghost cars? If its too difficult to track the exact shape, I wouldn't mind the program just guessing what it is. Either way, amazing mod, my dood!

    20 juli 2023
  • 4960da snapshot 16

    Idk why, I've installed this mod before, and it worked, but now whenever I try to run the game with it, the game crashes. I have no idea what to do.

    4 februari 2023