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Your Vehicle is Stolen makes vehicles you steal, actually be marked as stolen, if a cop sees you in a stolen vehicle, you will get a random wanted level between 1 to 3, to remove the stolen 'debuff' take the vehicle a nearby Los Santos Custom, and get the vehicle resprayed.

1. download and Install scripthookv + Scripthookvdotnet
2. create a scripts folder (named scirpts and not Scripts) if you havent got one already
3. install LemonUI(if you havnt already got it for SHVDN2) there is a download link in the text file of the zip, copy the url into a browser, then a zip will be downloaded, drag the CONTENTS of the SHVDN2 folder into scripts
4. drag HKHModHelperNew into scripts
5. drag YourVehicleIsStolen.dll and pdb into scripts
6. Launch game

Special thanks to Algorithm#3886 for making the poster
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